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5 Easy Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks You Need to Know

If you have a hardwood floor then you know how good it can look and how easily it can be damaged. While it is possible to sand the surface and refinish the wood, it’s not the simplest of tasks. In addition, it’s time-consuming.

image - 5 Easy Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks You Need to Know
5 Easy Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks You Need to Know

The good news is that your floor doesn’t always need to be sanded and re-sealed. There are some great hacks that will help you to keep it looking in perfect condition.

1. Using Your Iron

It doesn’t matter if you have the best herringbone flooring Sydney or have just gone for dark hardwood floors. Your iron can do more than get the creases out of your clothes.

Iron is capable of removing small dents in floors. All you have to do is place a damp cloth on the damaged section of your floor.

Then run your iron over the damp cloth repeatedly, much like f you were ironing it.

The moisture and heat hydrate the wood, allowing the dent to ‘pop out’.

2. Socks on Furniture

Scratches and marks on your hardwood floor are difficult to remove. It’s better to stop them from getting there in the first place.

The most common approach is to add small pieces of felt to the feet of your furniture. If they are moved, specifically dragged, across the floor they won’t damage it.

The good news is you don’t need felt, old socks will do.

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3. Use Toothpaste

If you have children you’ll know that sometimes accidents happen. One of the most common is getting felt pens on the floor. They simply overrun their piece of paper.

In most cases, this wipes off the floor with very little effort. But, if your children have been using permanent markers it doesn’t come off the floor so easily.

Fortunately, it can! Simply use some toothpaste and rub it into the stain with a clean damp cloth. You’ll need to use a little elbow grease but the effort is worth it.

4. Talcum Powder

Wood floors contract and expand all the time, depending on the humidity and the heat of the sun. The problem is that this constant movement creates small cracks.

The wood moves against these cracks as you walk, creating squeaks.

You can eliminate these squeaks by sprinkling the floor with talcum powder. It gets into the cracks and stops them from squeaking.

5. Canola Oil

Canola oil is a great investment if you have small scratches n your floor. While deep scratches either need wood ACfiller or sanding down, it’s possible to gently rub the scratch with canola oil instead.

This fills the crack and makes it almost invisible.

Of course, when you’re cleaning your wooden floors you should avoid getting them wet and make sure that you never use harsh chemicals on them.

Just because they can be sanded and restored doesn’t mean you want to be doing it every weekend!

If in doubt, contact a professional who can handle everything for you.

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