Plants in our garden, on our terrace, or our balcony – that is the perfect harmony of a green oasis just for us.

It is a wonderful combination of wonderful nature with our own four walls. What begins with a bouquet in a vase or a magnificent houseplant can be perfected with our wonderful outdoor plants.

image - Plants Outdoor - Your Very Private Oasis

Plants Outdoor – Your Very Private Oasis

No matter how big the garden or balcony, the effect of flowers, herbs, and co. Is unique.

They complete our feel-good home, bring a very special magic to us, and give us peace, joy, balance, and a lot of positive energy. Here you can learn more- Outdoor Plants.

When looking for an apartment, do you always make sure that a garden, balcony, or terrace is part of it? Does the sunshine on the balcony in the morning, at noon, or in the evening?

And is the garden big enough, can we also create a bed next to it? These thoughts are quite understandable, such a place symbolizes freedom for us, gives us nature and balance.

Plants stand for liveliness and honesty, they authentically show us the natural processes of the cycle on this earth.

With their nature and their existence, they show us the perfection of this world. They open gates to another dimension for us – that of lightness, joy, and light-heartedness, that of radiance.

A balcony, a garden, or a terrace brings these two aspects together and our paradise is created.

Far away from everyday life, far away from challenges and annoyances, far away from work, arguments, and hectic pace.

This longing for the oasis is fulfilled with a balcony or a garden, in a small and very inconspicuous way.

When our plants start to bloom outdoors and take us on this journey – to ourselves.

Which Plants are Suitable for My Balcony?

As small as your balcony or terrace may be – we promise you can enchant it! And especially with great potted plants, that’s what plants for the terrace or balcony are called because they are planted in pots or pots.

The selection is huge and many things can be wonderfully combined. Whether with colors, herbs, shapes, scents – you can play and develop so much. Here are a few highlights:

The popular oleander brings a great Mediterranean flair to your terrace – but it also needs a sunny spot accordingly.

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This evergreen shrub gives you beautiful, colorful flowers in summer. Maybe you add wonderfully fragrant herbs like rosemary and lavender to it?

Geraniums and petunias are absolute classics on our balconies. Let them prove to you that they are not stuffy at all, but simply beautiful and easy to look after.

Both are also available in hanging form, which creates a magical overall picture of your balcony.

If you, unfortunately, don’t have that many hours of sunshine on your terrace, then the fuchsia could be just right for you.

She is a survivor with a lot of charisma. She will give you many months of splendid bloom, with her graceful bell blossoms.

The hardworking Lieschen didn’t get its name for anything. This summer flower blooms throughout the warm weather period and shows all its luminosity – even if other plants might hang their heads.

The angel’s trumpet is also a famous highlight on all of our balconies – it gives us an unmistakable miracle.

The trumpet-shaped flowers are the background of their equally beautiful name. A real angel who makes our terrace shine in such a natural way and makes it look divine.

And How Do I Design My Garden?

In all of your personal outdoor spaces, of course, what matters is what you like. Some classics are always fun and guarantee enjoyment.

These certainly include roses, hydrangeas, and tulips – like many more. And you have us for further suggestions! Take a look ‘here:

The perfect mix of elegance and classic is the daylily. With its large and often multi-colored star or bellflowers, it is an absolute eye-catcher in your garden

A fantastic insider tip, because it is also wonderfully robust, low-maintenance, and hardy.

The funky is a splendid decorative leaf plant that perfectly fills any shady place in your home.

The contrast between its leaves and flowers is enchanting, it has a simple, calm, and elegant look at the same time.

Sometimes the lady’s mantle seems almost inconspicuous or boring. But we promise it’s the perfect addition to all of your other outdoor plants.

In addition, it is wonderfully uncomplicated, makes no demands – but delights you with its special charm.

Every garden needs its unique scent! And butterflies and bees are also part of it. To attract them and seduce you with a bewitching aroma, we recommend a radiant summer lilac for your home in the garden. It’s sturdy and the embodiment of natural magic.

All of these are just a few suggestions from nature’s impressive repertoire. There are no limits to your imagination when designing your terrace, your balcony, your garden.

Let yourself be enchanted by this world of plants outdoors – immerse yourself ‘in your oasis!