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Platform Bed vs. Box Spring vs. Foundation: Which Do You Need?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a good mattress is one of the most crucial things that you need to achieve a good night’s sleep. Having said that, it is also true that getting hold of an ideal mattress without a bed frame to support it adequately is a job only half done.

Platform bed, box spring, or foundation- which one do you need? And what even are these things? It is highly probable that with all these different varieties of bed bases out there in the market, you may find yourself utterly confused.

Therefore, in this short yet informative piece, we are going to lay out the know-hows of choosing an appropriate bed base for your mattress.

image - Platform Bed vs. Box Spring vs. Foundation - Which Do You Need
Platform Bed vs. Box Spring vs. Foundation, Which Do You Need

1. Platform Beds

These wooden frames are made in raised rectangular and horizontal forms. A platform bed can be the most pocket-friendly alternative while picking a bed-base to support your mattress. A platform bed can support almost all kinds of mattresses out there, be it memory foam or natural latex.

Due to its slatted composition, it is one of the best options when it comes to heat regulation as the slats placed at equal distance from each other allow your mattress to breathe comfortably. Not only does it keep your body cool, but also drastically increases the life of your mattress.

One of the downsides to this type of base is its lower height which makes it difficult for some people to get in and out of the bed. Platforms can also be rather heavier compared to the others because of its solid and singular nature which makes it difficult to move around when needed.

2. Box Spring

The wooden framework of a box spring with supporting springs within it makes it the perfect choice for holding innerspring mattresses. There is a wide range of different systems of coil grids available among box springs such as the ones with cone-shaped wire coils or those that have modular grids with square coils.

Some newer versions of box springs may however not contain these springs or coils. They provide enough support to the mattress to make it last longer due to their shock-absorbing nature, especially if you like to jump around the bed or frequently toss and turn in your sleep.

They also aid in comprehensively increasing the height of your mattress, making it easier to get in and out of the bed.

However, box springs are comparatively less solid and compact and therefore not suited to supporting other types of mattresses such as foam, hybrid, or latex.

Using such type of a mattress against a box spring can cause the mattress to sag because of the lack of support. It can also hamper the soundness of the springs and reduce its life. So, unless you possess an innerspring mattress, a platform or foundation base may be more suited to you.

3. Foundation

These bases are generally made up of a wooden frame with slats that are evenly placed to support the mattress. This may sound similar to a platform bed but unlike it, foundations come with a fabric cover.

The covered look is similar to that of a box spring but foundations are naturally sturdier and more supportive. They are also tougher in their composition and can support heavier mattresses with more ease.

They can for the same reason sometimes prove to be too tough and may cause some trouble while sleeping. The fact that they are so good at distributing weight equally makes them a good choice for heavier individuals. Make sure that you do ample research before going to pick a mattress for heavier people.

Foundations are good for allowing the free flow of air due to the evenly placed slats. They also come in a range of different types. One such popular variety is the foundation with an adjustable base that allows you to raise your head and feet.

Not only are they tailor-made for providing relaxation and comfort but can also ease back and neck pain, promote blood flow, and prevent acid refluxes and unwanted pressure on joints. These can be easily operated via Bluetooth which makes them the perfect choice for the tech-savvy.

Compared to platform beds, foundations are still rather limited when it comes to varieties that provide the aesthetic feel. Be sure to check out this comprehensive list of reviews assessing the best foundation for your memory foam mattress on www.insidebedroom.com

Bottom Line

We hope that the aforementioned points help you pick the most suitable base for your mattress among the three, according to your requirements. A lot of people may still ask if a mattress really needs a base and can’t it be just spread out on the floor.

Well, placing a mattress on the floor has its own pros and cons but I personally consider it as the latter among the dos and don’ts of sleep as doing that will prevent any heat regulation and expose your mattress to the risk of pests, molds, dust, and other allergens.

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