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PPSSPP Games Download: Overview of the Best Game Titles

Have you played the PlayStation Portable games in childhood?

Do you remember the most legendary game titles developed specifically for this gaming console? What if we tell you that you can still access them and play PSP game titles on any modern device? In this post, we’ll review some of the most exciting PPSSPP games and analyze the main tools needed to run them on your Android or iOS-based mobile device.

image - PPSSPP Games Download: Overview of the Best Game Titles
PPSSPP Games Download: Overview of the Best Game Titles

Overview of the Best PSP Games

The PlayStation Portable was one of the most exciting gaming consoles among all available on the market.

In general, over 80 million units were sold. It even became the main competitor to Nintendo consoles.

But the main reason why players loved it is an array of games developed specifically for this gaming device.

Overall, 1,300 exciting games were designed for the PlayStation Portable. And the most exciting news is that you can still play these games on your device! Let’s see what PPSSPP games downloads are still available to you:

  • Spider-Man 2 (Just like the film, an addictive game where the main character is Spider-Man.);
  • The Godfather – Mob Wars (A game based on a top-rated Hollywood film, where you need to rule the city.)
  • Call of Duty – Roads of Victory (When choosing this game title, you’ll be a part of the first Airborne forces and need to destroy your enemy.)
  • Soul Calibur – Broken Destiny (Eager to get the best possible fighting experience? Opt for this game where you’ll get the most out of fighting games.)
  • Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII (Zac Fair and his fantastic adventures are in the center of attention).

These games have a relatively high rating among retro gamers. However, the choice is surely bigger.

Even if you can’t reach your gaming console or yours is already broken, you can download ROMs that contain the game and an emulator.

These are the main tools needed to run all these games on your device.

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The Best Emulators to Run PSP Games

Unfortunately, not all players have the PSP console at hand to play all these games.

However, the gaming industry is continually changing and today, we have an array of tools that allow us to run all these games on our computer or smartphone.

In current times, all PSP games are kept in a ROM file format. You need to download the file with your favorite game and run it via an emulator.

The ultimate goal of an emulator is to imitate the work of a gaming console on your computer.

You need to download the software, install it, and enjoy the game. You can’t play the game if you don’t have an emulator or a ROM file; you need to have both tools.

Let’s list emulators that have the highest rating among players:

  • Open EMU;
  • JPCSP;
  • Dolphin;

All these tools have an array of positive reviews, good customization, and many settings that can improve the gameplay.

As you see, you can still access your favorite retro game titles, you only need to have the right tools installed on your computer and smartphone.

By the way, you can download them for free! So choose your favorite game titles and start playing your favorite games right now! The best emotions are guaranteed!

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