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7 Pro Tips on Choosing Window Colors

The cost to upgrade all the windows in an average-sized home can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the type of window you choose. There’s no doubt about it that windows are a serious investment for a homeowner.

With such a serious investment, you want to make sure your windows don’t fade into the background.

Choosing the right window colors can help make your new investment pop and really wow your guests.

image - 7 Pro Tips on Choosing Window Colors
7 Pro Tips on Choosing Window Colors

Plus, new and fresh window colors can help bring you added joy from your home.

But you might be wondering how to choose window colors that are the right fit for your home without breaking the bank?

Here are 7 pro tips for choosing window colors for your dream home.

1. Consider Your Personal Style

When selecting window colors for your home, you first have to think about your personal style. You have to choose colors that you love and that will bring you joy.

If you have also loved bright and light colors, don’t choose black or dark grays. Choose something that will blend with both your color preferences and your home’s style.

2. Do Not Be Afraid to Go Bold

Most people tend to choose neutral colors when selecting colors for their window frames. If you are planning on selling your home soon, that is usually a good choice. Homes with neutral color palettes sell faster than those that do not.

However, adding a pop of bold color, like fuchsia, deep green, or bright yellow, can dramatically add serious style to your home. Don’t shy from the big colors, if that’s your style.

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3. Think About the Environment You Live In

Before you choose a color just because you love the way it looks on the model home in the picture, stop and think about the environment you live in.

Do you live in a desert or a place with a lot of construction? You might experience a lot of dust, which easily shows up on white paint and dark colors. Look for a mid-tone color that can hide dust.

If you live in a super hot part of the country, think twice before choosing dark colors like black or navy. They absorb and trap heat more so than lighter colors.

Incorporate the colors of your surrounding environment into your windows. Live near water? Think about adding a coastal touch of blues and grays to your window frames.

Live on a mountainside? Incorporate natural, earthy hues into your window frame color selection.

4. Hot vs. Cold

Say you’ve chosen a color for your window. It might be gray, blue, or white. You’ll quickly find there are hundreds of shades you can choose from? So, how exactly do you choose?

Think about the color palette of your home. Is it filled with warmer colors and more traditional?

Or is it more modern with cooler colors? This can help you narrow down those different shades of grays and whites and blues.

5. Think About the Window Frame Designs

Knowing how to choose window frames that best suit your home is critical when considering what colors you want to pick.

There’s no reason you need the plain old traditional rectangular windows. Consider choosing specialty and custom windows in your home.

Geometric and arched windows can offer a unique style to your window situation. Combined with colors like Red Rock, dark bronze, warm whites, and cool neutrals, specialty windows can look extraordinarily stylish.

Work with window experts to get the best color combination for custom window frames.

6. Consider How It Will Look From the Outside

Consider the curb appeal of your windows from outside your home. Do you have a lot of colorful flowers in bloom or a lot of landscaping going on? You might want to consider a more neutral palette to let your landscaping have its shining moment.

If the front of your home is more stark, clean, and modern with minimal landscaping elements, choosing a bolder hue could boost your curb appeal.

You can consider stately and classic deep reds, blacks, or blues or do something brighter, like cherry red or lime green.

7. Think About the Direction the Windows are Facing

And lastly, another thing you have to consider when choosing window colors for your home is the direction the windows are facing.

Are these windows facing the west and expected to be hit with a golden sunset every evening?

Or, do these windows have a cooler northern exposure and likely won’t be receiving a lot of sunlight?

The direction the windows face and how much light the window frames will receive makes a big difference as far as fading goes.

It can also make certain colors appear different than they would in an interior space when picking out colors.

Want to Learn More About Choosing the Best Window Colors for Your Home?

Choosing window colors can be super fun. It is a subtle way to reflect your own personal style and make your home feel a little more yours.

Or, it can be a way to make your house stand out from the crowd if you are looking to sell soon and capitalize on a booming real estate market.

By incorporating these 7 tips into your window color selection process, you should be fully prepared to pick the best colors ever for your window.

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