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7 Reasons You Should Install a Water Filtration System

Installing a water filtration system is crucial to protecting you and your family from harmful contaminants like mercury, pesticides, chlorine, and fluorine.

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7 Reasons You Should Install a Water Filtration System

Though every property comes with a pre-installed plumbing system, it may not be safe to trust it. So do your due diligence when you move into a new property. Even if you spend thousands of dollars hiring the best plumbing service, you could never be too sure of the filtration system’s safety.

While tap water is considered safe in most parts of the United States, take precautions like installing a water filtration system inside your property. Water pollution is no longer a third-world problem. Developed countries like the USA have water contamination issues as well.

If you just moved into a new property or looking to renovate your current one, consider the following reasons to ensure water safety for you and your family.

1. Access to Clean Water is a Necessity

With the advancement in technology for filtration systems, there is no reason for you to miss out on clean water. Water is a basic human need, from cooking and cleaning to laundry and bathing.

Without clean water, it isn’t easy to perform day-to-day tasks like going to work or eating healthy. But, especially if you have children or pets in your house, you can never be too sure of the safety of water inside your home’s plumbing system.

Water contaminants like arsenic, pesticides, fecal traces, or lead could run through your plumbing system. If you’re interested in learning from a specialist, consider checking out watersystemsguide.com for more information on the best filtration systems and techniques.

Of course, you cannot view the contaminants with a naked eye, but with the installation of a quality water filtration system, you can rest assured.

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2. Removal of Toxins From the Water

According to the US Water Alliance, more than 2 million Americans don’t have access to safe and clean water for drinking and sanitation.

Water running through your plumbing system may contain harmful chemicals like bleach, pesticides, nitrogen, salts, metals, fecal matters, animal drugs, and bacteria. Such toxins may risk contracting harmful infections like HABs, hot tub rash, Cyclosporas, and E. coli.

Chlorine, commonly used for cleaning water in swimming pools, is found in drinking water. Chlorine is a choking agent and can cause severe respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

Through techniques like reverse osmosis and adsorption, water filters remove toxins to provide you with clean water. Check out watersystemsguide.com to learn more about reverse osmosis and how it removes chlorine from water.

3. Less Need to Invest in Bottled Water

You may not need to invest in bottled water with an efficient and functional water filtration system. With the Flint water crisis in 2014 and the outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease, many Americans have become skeptical about the water filtration system in their homes.

Many Americans considered switching to bottled water for drinking to overcome the issue of lead exposure in water. However, bottled water is not just expensive but has other environmental risks like the increased use of plastics.

Despite the preventative measures, bottled water may still contain contaminants like arsenic, benzene, mold, and trihalomethanes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, bottled water can be prone to impurities and cause reproductive health issues and gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, installing a water filtration system that promises quality and safety may give you peace of mind.

4. Less use of Plastics

As mentioned before, the increased reliance on bottled water has skyrocketed the use of single-use plastics. Plastic, in general, is non-biodegradable and single-use is more harmful due to its lack of recyclability.

Although people can switch to multi-use plastic bottles individually, the mass production of plastic water bottles is still harmful. More than 80% of plastic water bottles are disposed of as garbage in the USA, adding to the billions of plastic bottles in landfills.

Not only is the waste unappealing to the eye, but plastic waste also decomposes and leaches into the soil, making it toxic for plants and animals. A water filtration system will decrease single-plastic usage to some extent. You can use a recyclable or multi-use plastic bottle or opt for a non-plastic one to carry safe and clean drinking water.

5. Longevity of your Home’s Plumbing System

A good quality water filtration system not only reduces the risk of health issues and plastic waste but increases the life of the plumbing system installed in your home.

Unfiltered water contains contaminants that can stick to the inner lining of your plumbing pipes and appliances, causing sediment and the build-up of harmful substances like lime. The overall life of the lines and appliances reduces due to a poor filtration system which also makes the running water unsafe for use.

Dirty water pipes harbor bacteria growth and put you at the risk of developing infections. Lime build-up in household appliances like dishwashers, shower faucets, toilets, and laundry washers may reduce the device’s lifespan. The build-up in faucets can irritate sensitive skin and cause hair damage.

6. Cost-Effective

Water filtration systems are more cost-effective than bottled water and the traditional plumbing system in your house. It will preserve your home’s plumbing system, reduce health risks, and require less maintenance.

Maintenance costs for a poorly managed plumbing system can amount to a couple of hundred dollars, depending on the damage. You can prevent such expenses by installing a quality water filtration system. In addition to that, bottled water, in general, costs more than the initial investment of installing a water filtration system.

Considering the average American spends more than $260 per year on bottled water, a family of four may spend upwards of $1000, which is more than the maintenance cost of a water filtration system. Water filtration systems also have a longer lifespan, so there is more value for the money you pay.

7. Better Quality of Life

70% of the human body is water, so unsafe and contaminated water will weaken your immune system and dampen the quality of life in the long run. High-quality water filtration systems are cost-effective and something you must invest in for your health and your family.

Poorly managed plumbing systems only cause a build-up of lime and calcium, which can cause digestive and neurological issues and tamper with skin and hair health. Purified water decreases the risk of health issues and, thus, a better quality of life for you and your family.


Installing a water filtration system is a straightforward process. Your local plumbing service can help you find the best water filtration system for your and your family’s needs. You don’t have to go for an expensive option.

Instead, ensure that you are educated on the filtration techniques of the system you install and aware of the company or brand you select. Also, ensure the system is installed correctly, as a lack of care during the installation can lead to sudden repairs and a hefty bill.