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Redoing Your Bathroom? Top 10 Things to Remember

Every corner of your home deserves a setting that will rejuvenate your day-to-day life. This includes your bathroom—a space that is so confined that it makes any change prominent.

It can be as small as a change in your tap’s design. You are bound to notice it within a few minutes of your visit. So, if you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, here are a few things you must not forget.

image - Redoing Your Bathroom? Top 10 Things to Remember
Redoing Your Bathroom? Top 10 Things to Remember

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Bathroom Remodel Cost

Nothing should be planned without a budget in mind and the same goes for your bathroom. The cost of remodeling your bathroom solely depends on various factors such as the cost of labor, the quality of materials, and even the size.

However, you must consider the ideal cost of your bathroom project before coming up with a realistic budget.

Bathroom Floor Plans

Want to move your new shower to another location? Rethink with your budget in mind as moving it to a completely new location would mean changing the plumbing and even the wiring.

It is highly advisable to understand your current bathroom floor plan and decide accordingly for your new design.

Understand Your Dimensions

Know the key measurements of your bathroom to have realistic plans. Is your bathroom too small? Consider a corner sink.

Plan your bathroom as per its size. This will ensure that you remodel your bathroom efficiently. Lost? Hiring a professional will save your day (and coming days)!

Select the Right Professionals

Speaking of professionals, you ought to choose the right one to not just invest but also put your faith in. You can start by speaking to the various people around you who will give you a fair review of their experiences if any.

Another way is by checking the contractors’ credentials with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NAHB).

Ensure that you and your Contractor are on the Same Page

Your bathroom renovation may go as per your plan only if your contractor is on the same page. Have you already conveyed your requirements and believe you’re good to go?

Well, it’s best not to assume that and go through the plan until you’re convinced. Spell. It. Out. Part. By. Part. Even if it is for the umpteenth time!

Make Way for Ventilation

For a more comfortable bathroom experience, choose the right type of ventilation. Where a framed window will do the trick for small bathrooms, a frameless floor-to-ceiling glass installation will allow more air to move about in bigger ones.

Appoint an Electrician Early On

Your bathroom renovation is not limited to plumbing. You also require electrical works such as rewiring, changing the lighting, adding an electric shower, or even a shower pump.

You must appoint one before you begin with the remodeling so that their plans align with the rest of the professionals working on your bathroom.

Pick the Right Vanity

Choosing the right mirror, sink and even the paint can be enough to give your bathroom a luxurious vibe. It is also not just about the looks, but also about the durability. Pick the right material for your countertop—either granite or marble.

Storage Space is Important

Not only do you want your bathroom to look stylish but also convenient with features such as cabinets and shelves.

You should be able to accommodate all your belongings and keep them at reach. You can also make these cabinets stylish by choosing the design and color that goes along with the tiles of your choice.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to both accentuating the whole look of your bathroom and carrying out other activities.

Ensure the lighting is distributed evenly with a combination of ambient light to set the vibe, task lighting around the mirror, and accent lighting to highlight your bathroom’s design and architectural features.

Here is How to pick out Tiles and Textures

With a myriad of decisions to make, the most daunting one is perhaps the choice of bathroom tiles and textures. After all, they are the main performers that pull off the whole look.

If you are smitten with a bold pattern or a color, it should without a doubt be your bathroom’s feature tile.

However, consider a neutral design as your accent tile to balance out the whole look. When choosing your floor tiles, ensure they are complementary to the wall tiles. Grey Mosaic Bathroom tiles are trending right now.

When choosing these tiles, go with no more than three designs. You should start off with the feature tile as the focal point and ensure that the rest of the designs align with it.

You do not want your bathroom to look like a messy collage of different tiles. Remember, only one design standing out will automatically make a statement for your entire bathroom.

Whereas for texture, if you want your bathroom to give out a spa-like feeling, then consider Brick Patterned tiles which give a stone effect. Furthermore, when choosing the texture for your shower floor, ensure that they are comfortable on bare feet and are still not slippery.

Whatever may be your choice or idea in mind, Mosaic Tile Outlet has a wide range of tiles for bathroom options has got your bathroom covered.

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