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Roof Replacement: Why is it Expensive?

Roof replacement can basically be defined as the total removal of your current roofing and replacing entirely with a new one.

When you start noticing moss growth, leakage, blockage or realize that your house has been built close to 20 years ago, you should know that there is a need for roof replacement.

New roof installation is one of the most important renovations you can do to your house because it prevents your property from getting damaged through water leakage, and other disastrous effects that can happen because of a failed roof.

image - Roof Replacement: Why is it Expensive?
Roof Replacement: Why is it Expensive?

The roof is exposed to hazardous conditions as it protects your home from cold, heat, rain, wind, etc. which causes diverse damage which includes: Bald spots, cracked shingles, moss, dark streaks, etc but roof damage can also happen through natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, etc. Sometimes, a roof can just reach the end of its lifespan with no major damage.

Basics of Roof Replacement

In the case of a fully replaced roof, the old shingles are totally removed from the roof, leaving the deck exposed which is then covered to protect it from water and sorts.

Then, the new shingles are installed on the deck, and in case of damage to the deck, it is repaired first, before installing a new roof.

Why is Roof Replacement Expensive?

When it comes to full replacement of the roof or even roof repair, it is known to be expensive, yet the question ‘why is roof replacement expensive?’ still comes up.

Several factors contribute to the cost attached to roof replacements, and some of the factors are to be discussed in this article.

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Labor Cost

There is always a price to pay when it involves getting quality roof installers with the required techniques to install your new roof properly and perfectly.

There is always the need to employ the services of professionals because it involves the

removal of the old roof and installation of the new one which must be done carefully to avoid damages to the deck and to ensure proper handling.


Asphalts and tiles are the most commonly used materials for roofing and are produced using oil, clay, etc. and the increase in the cost of production of these materials directly affects the cost of roofing.

Also, shingles prices have increased leading to additional expenses. Basically, the type of materials you’ve chosen to be used determines a part of the cost of replacing your roof.

Extensive Damage

Before the installation of a new roof, if there are other damages to the deck, flashing, chimney, skylights, etc. the damage is to be repaired first, which will automatically add up to the cost of replacing your roof.

Equipment Cost

Some roofs with complex designs require some special equipment and tools such as shingle cutters, roof jacks, nailers to ensure a perfect installation.

The contractor will have to add the cost that comes with using this equipment and safety insurance.


Although this indirectly affects the expenses of roof replacement, the cost of insurance is increasing day by day, and this covers the worker’s safety, equipment on-site, etc.

Roof Accessories

In the process of replacing your condemned roof, there may be the need to get new drip edges, fasteners, ventilation, and new flashing which stands as an additional expenditure.


In conclusion, installing a new roof prevents you from spending on frequent repairs as a new roof can last up to 20 years.

One of the cons is that it takes time and is considered as a costly project. Also, before concluding on getting your roof

replaced, it is essential you discuss with a professional to inspect and recommend the best options to either be repaired or replaced.

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