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8 Signs You’re In Desperate Need of a Carpet Cleaning

If you’re in the process of making your yearly efforts to do some deep cleaning and get your home in order, you’re probably considering the decision to have professional carpet cleaning done.

image - 8 Signs You're In Desperate Need of a Carpet Cleaning
8 Signs You’re In Desperate Need of a Carpet Cleaning

If you’re thinking about putting it off or unsure if you need professional carpet cleaning at this time, consider the following 8 signs that it’s a good idea to schedule a cleaning right away:

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  1. You’re Getting Allergy Flare-Ups

What’s a solid sign that it’s time to schedule carpet cleaning? You notice that you or other members of your household are having allergy flare-ups indoors.

Your carpet can hide a variety of offenders including dust mites, pollen, dirt, and dust; all of which are allergy triggers.

There are some occasions in which dead insects embedded in the carpet fibers can worsen allergies even more, especially for those who are particularly sensitive to allergens.

Regular carpet cleaning can help reduce the risk of unbearable allergies. It’s recommended that you hire a professional carpet cleaner about once a year to use their special equipment.

They can clean deep into the fibers of your carpet and reach debris that your vacuum can’t get.

  1. You’re Dealing With Stubborn Stains

No matter how careful you try to be, your carpet is going to get some stains eventually. Though you may be able to scrub some out yourself, there are some stains that are too stubborn for anything less than professional cleaning.

Some stains are very deep or resistant to standard cleaning methods. Professional carpet cleaning companies have the tools and experience to get the job done.

  1. You Have Kids and Pets

If your house is the home to pets or kids or both, you know how easily your carpet gets dirty. Homes, where kids and pets reside, are the most susceptible to stains and dirt on the carpet.

Of course, you can vacuum regularly and deeply clean as often as you’re able, but consider the benefits that professional cleaning can offer in the way of added protection for your rugs. High-traffic areas are in extra need of expert care.

  1. As Part of Your Annual Maintenance

There are efforts that you make on a yearly basis to keep your home in order. One of these yearly maintenance tasks should include professional cleaning every 12-15 months. Carpet that is regularly maintained can last for up to 20 years.

You don’t even have to have serious stains or dirt on your rug to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. By having it cleaned regularly, you keep dirt and allergens at bay and help your carpet look newer for longer.

  1. You Notice an Odor

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to schedule carpet cleaning is when you notice an odor in your home. Odor can affect the overall air quality in the house and cause a health risk for all occupants.

The odor that you’re smelling might be the result of mold growth, sweat, dirt, or pet stains that haven’t been treated properly.

Hire someone with the expertise and experience to clean carpets well so that the cause of the odor is cleaned from your rugs and carpets.

Once your carpets have been well cleaned, you’ll breathe easier with the odor gone and feel much more comfortable at home.

  1. The Carpet Looks Dull

If you notice that your once-vibrant rug is starting to look dull, that’s a clear sign that it’s time to invest in professional carpet cleaning. Anything that is used every day for many years will eventually require cleaning.

Sometimes a dull appearance is the result of wear and tear and not much else, but if there’s any chance that the dull appearance is due to dirt, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned.

  1. Water Damage Has Occurred

If your carpets have sustained water damage, then they should definitely be cleaned professionally. Even if you think you were able to soak up all the water successfully, deep dampness can result in mold growth.

Mold spores are dangerous to the health of pets and people alike, so don’t ignore water damage to your rugs or carpets.

Have a carpet cleaning company like the people at chemdry.com.au restore your carpets so you can maintain your health and well being and keep your carpets in good condition.

  1. Carpet Cleaning is a Nice Refresh

If none of the above situations apply to your carpet at this current time, perhaps there’s no better reason for having your carpets professionally cleaned aside from the fact that doing so is a nice refresh for your home.

If you have children in the home, they probably spend a lot of time playing on the carpet, so it’s nice to have a space that is clean and fresh from bacteria and dirt.

Your home will look fresh and new with the help of professional cleaning and your house will smell great after the job is done. There’s really no downside to investing in a good cleaning.

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