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Is Solar Good for Our Environment?

Renewable energy when compared with fossil fuels is considered to be better for the environment. There are several sources of this energy majorly biomass, solar, wind, and hydropower.

image - Is Solar Good for Our Environment?
Is Solar Good for Our Environment?

You can visit https://www.nrdc.org/ to find out more about renewable energy. Solar is one source of renewable energy that has taken the spotlight in recent times. It uses sunlight to generate electricity and is said to be good for our environment.

We believe you must have heard this a lot of times; this is even one of the biggest selling points of this power source. But do you wonder how or why this power source is said to be good for our environment?

Below we will look at several benefits solar power offers the atmosphere. This will help you understand how good this renewable energy is for our environment.

Environmental Advantages of Solar Power

The following are some of the main environmental advantages of solar:

1. Helps Reduce Air Pollution

Another means of generating electricity is fossil fuels and these often create pollutants in the environment. These pollutants make the air dirty and smog and this adversely affects people’s health. It also makes the atmosphere look bad.

Solar panels do not contribute to this pollution because it uses sunlight to create power rather than fossil fuels that create pollutants.

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2. Reduces How Dependent We are on Nonrenewable Sources

 This power source can help us reduce how much we depend on nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels. For several reasons, this is a wonderful step. For starters, as we have already said above, fossil fuels usually cause pollutants in the environment that affects the air quality.

Secondly, nonrenewable sources are tagged this because they do not replenish and at some point, they are bound to run out.

So, if we keep depending on them, we most likely will find ourselves at a loss when they run out. This is why transitioning to renewable resources is best both for us and the environment.

3. Reduces Water Usage

Another main source of renewable energy is water. If you aren’t using fossils fuels or solar, then you most likely are using water energy.

However, nuclear energy and hydropower (water power) use a large quantity of water before electricity is generated. Read this post to learn more about hydropower.

 Most times, to control electricity production and the flow of the water, a dam will be built. While this may look like a good idea, damming water might significantly affect the ecosystem of that location.

With solar energy, no negative impact is created on the ecosystem. According to the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, solar systems can significantly reduce water usage in about 36 states.

image - Environmental Advantages of Solar Power

4. Combat Climate Change

There is also the climate change issue. The earth is badly affected by the continuous dumping of pollutants into the atmosphere. Due to this, the atmosphere finds it harder to clean itself.

As this pollution continues and the carbon imprint keeps increasing, the earth’s retention of the sun’s heat will also increase. Because of this condition in the atmosphere, different climates will be negatively affected.

This would cause some areas to become too cool, while others will become too warm. Generally, the weather patterns will become more volatile and sudden.

Research, climate models, as well as experiments, have been done by climatologists and scientists. It is through these works that they’ve come to a general conclusion that to combat this climatic change renewable energy is needed.

Solar power is one renewable resource that can help us in our fight to combat the damages being done to our climate. This is because solar energy doesn’t release as many pollutants into the atmosphere.

5. Improves Our Health

While this power source is great for our environment, it is also beneficial to our health. An estimate of 25,000 lives can be saved if we switch to renewable resources that won’t pollute our atmosphere.

This is because when the air is clean our lungs will be clean as well. You can visit this facebook page to learn more about solar power and how it positively affects our environment.


Solar power offers people who use them several advantages including not spending too much on electricity costs and even getting paid for producing extra power.

But aside from these, this power source is also great for our environment and makes the atmosphere cleaner for us.