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Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, or green energy, is important, especially for home electricity and heating. It helps to reduce your carbon footprint, make your home more sustainable, and can even lower your energy costs.

When you choose to switch to green energy, you will quickly notice a long list of significant advantages.

What’s more, green energy is definitely the energy of the future. Switching today could also mean that you are doing your bit towards leading a smart and sustainable future.

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Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

We have put together a comprehensive guide about choosing a more sustainable future, the ways to do so, and some of the most important benefits. Read on below, to find out more.

The Best Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

Air Source Heat Pumps

An air-source heat pump is a renewable energy system that uses heat from the outside air to provide you with hot water and heating. In fact, this system works in a similar way to a fridge, but in reverse.

It’s an incredibly clean and environmentally-friendly solution to heating, is virtually silent when operating, and can save you up to £360 a year on the heating bills (compared to an oil-fired system).

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal can provide hot water and heating all year round. The system uses solar panels, which can be fitted to the roof of your home. The power they generate will heat up the water stored in a hot water cylinder.

In fact, research shows that having a solar thermal system can deliver up to 70% of the hot water that an average household requires.

Overall, the system is an excellent investment both for the future of the environment and it will add to the resale value of your home.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an excellent alternative to having radiators. It’s a modern choice for heating your home and will allow you to enjoy the luxury of a warm floor throughout the colder months, particularly when you have cold stone and tile flooring.

It’s far more efficient than traditional radiators and therefore cost-effective on your utility bills. It’ll also be much more comfortable, as it provides a consistent temperature around the room.

Compared to radiators, underfloor heating is also much more hygienic. Your floors won’t remain cold and damp, therefore reducing the risk of dust mites and other creepy crawlies.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A ground source heat pump system uses pipes, buried underground, to transfer heat from the ground into your building. This heat is then used for central heating and domestic hot water.

The system is highly sustainable and cost-effective, with a great capacity for heat generation, hot water, correct humidity levels, and air cooling, making it one of the heating systems for the future.

In fact, a ground source heat system will consume 20-50% less energy than conventional heating and cooling systems. It isn’t dependent on the outside weather conditions either, as the ground temperature remains constant pretty much all year-round.

Take the First Step Today

We hope you enjoyed our article and that it has given you some inspiration towards choosing renewable energy. Going green has never been as easy as it is today and there is such a wide range of systems to choose from, to suit your premises.

Make sure to take a closer look at the systems listed above and more, you’ll likely be surprised about the number of options available to you!

So, if you would like to take the first steps towards making your home or business cleaner and greener, make sure to get in touch with a reputable installation team today, such as Summit Energies, leading providers of green energy Gloucestershire.

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