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The Holidays in a Bad Marriage – 4 Tips for Surviving

Any holidays portend a pleasant one. It is about the solemn and joyful atmosphere, happy faces and family.

But is it so when your marriage is on the verge and your relations with the spouse are not the best one? Most likely the holiday is no longer as desirable as it was before.

image - The Holidays in a Bad Marriage - 4 Tips for Surviving
The Holidays in a Bad Marriage – 4 Tips for Surviving

If you think that unhealthy relationships doom the holiday to failure, then you need to read the following recommendations.

This way you can keep the mood and festive atmosphere. But if you do nothing, then you should not hope that your relationship will change on a holiday for the better!

But with the following tips, you can change it. Let’s start!

Create a Holiday Action Plan

Do not leave the pastime on its own. You must understand what you have to do, and not create situations that can aggravate the situation in your relationship.

Of course, such a task may not seem easy, but believe, you will minimize conflict situations and will not spoil the holiday.

Many people are accustomed to the fact that the festive atmosphere brings back memories, the desire to watch home videos and old photos.

Agree, when the relationship is on the verge of collapse and you try not to think about your marriage, this is not a good idea.

Therefore, you will have to think about spending the holidays in a slightly different way than you are used to.

Discuss whether you will abide by tradition. Perhaps this year, instead of a family evening, you will go to a restaurant.

Indeed, in a public environment, it is much easier to speak on neutral topics than to discuss the weather at your home table.

You can also go to the cinema; this is especially true if you have a child. Go to watch a cartoon that your child will like and so you don’t have to talk and you can take your thoughts off with a movie/cartoon.

Talk with your spouse where it is best to celebrate the holiday so that you do not have conflicts. If there is a child, then suggest focusing on making the best holiday for the child and not for yourself.

When you have a clear understanding of how you will celebrate the holiday, you will minimize all the problems that may lie in wait for you.

You will not quarrel over the fact that someone forgot to buy ketchup or sit in deathly silence. Agree to leave all your grievances behind and return to them only after the holidays.

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Alcohol Must Be Under Tight Control

Many people like to relax during the holiday with the help of alcohol. But in fact, this method can cause something far from relaxation and a feeling of euphoria.

Remember that some drinks can cause a feeling of euphoria while others can only increase a feeling of depression.

Therefore, if you feel that you are on the verge of depression, then limit the use of alcoholic beverages and even minimize it. Also remember that if you spend a holiday with your spouse together, then alcohol can cause a scandal.

If your relationship is like volcanoes, then it is best to do so as not to aggravate your situation.

Think Which People Create Favorable Conditions

Remember, maybe some people create such an atmosphere when you stop feeling sad and think about your relationship.

Why do not you think about the holiday in the circle of such people and not spoil your holiday? Firstly, in a circle of comfortable people, you minimize situations when you communicate with your spouse.

Secondly, a pleasant atmosphere helps you to think less about relationships.

You can also ask your loved ones to help you unwind or to help you communicate less with your spouse.

Also, if you suddenly quarrel with your spouse in public, then most likely the matter will not go to the scandal since no one likes to be dishonoured in public. So in this way, you will get a definite benefit!

Learn to Minimize Conflict

If you leave the decision of divorce proceedings when the holidays are held so as not to injure your children, then you need to approach this issue correctly.

If the holidays are held in an atmosphere of screaming, conflict, then this is wrong.

If you are not one of those who know how to concede and extinguish all conflicts, then think about turning to psychologists for help.

Firstly, such specialists will tell you how to prepare children for a divorce. Secondly, such therapy can save marriages.

Why not give it a try? Who knows, maybe with this help you will not only have a good holiday but also save your marriage.

The Final Thoughts

If you still understand that it’s time for you to apply for a divorce, then consider getting a cheap divorce online.

Today there is such an opportunity when you can do it yourself divorce forms or use the help of specialized companies that will help to file for divorce online.

But in any case, this method can help you save your time and, in some cases, even money. Therefore, consider this option to get a quick divorce and make it less stressful.

But if you still hope that the festive atmosphere can change your relationship for the better, then you should follow the above recommendations.

Do your best to make your holidays pleasant and without any conflicts!

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