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7 Spots to Add Extra Storage in Your Apartment

A common problem that many apartment dwellers encounter is the lack of storage space. Although it can be very convenient to live in an apartment, it can also get cramped and messy.

To help keep your apartment organized, try one (or all) of these seven extra spots in your apartment that you can use to store your stuff.

image - 7 Spots to Add Extra Storage in Your Apartment
7 Spots to Add Extra Storage in Your Apartment

1. Raise Your Bed…

…not the roof (haha!)

Seriously, though, we always think about what we should be doing to the top of the bed to make it beautiful and comfortable. Yet, we don’t ever think about all that under the bed can do.

When you raise your bed, even just a few inches off the floor, you add so much more space under the bed to store stuff.

As a bonus, this raised bed can have a more inviting, royal feel to it. You can even add some gold fringe to the bed curtains to make you feel more like a rockstar if you so, please.

To raise your bed, you have the option to either buy simple bed risers or build an entire raised bed platform. The choice is yours. Bed risers will be much more affordable, but raised bed platforms are sturdier.

2. Go Vertical

The size of an apartment is in terms of square footage. This measures the floor space of the apartment. If you want to consider how much storage space, you should be thinking more along the lines of cubic footage.

There is so much more space when you start moving vertically.

You can store things above the cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom. This space is often left unused. If you think it looks messy, you can add baskets to hold stuff in a more pleasant looking manner.

You can add shelves above doors, add shelves over the sofa, add shelves over the toilet.

Is there a place you can’t add shelves?

I just don’t think so.

The closet is the ultimate storage space, but you can even optimize that to be more useful. You can add an extra rod to hold more clothes in your closet and add hooks to the ceiling to hang bags.

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3. Create a Storage Wall

If you have a wall without furniture blocking it, you can create a storage wall. Instead of merely adding a shelf here and there, use this whole wall and turn it into pure shelving.

You can buy multiple tall bookshelves and drill them together to fit the span of the entire wall. Think of the stuff you can store with all that space!

4. Get Storage Furniture

Furniture is a necessity, and they take up space anyway, so it only makes sense that they should double for storage when possible.

For the living room, you can buy a sofa table with a flip top and deep drawers, an ottoman with a removable top, and chairs with those neat organizers in the arms.

In the bedroom, you can use a headboard with drawers or shelves and add a storage bench at the foot of the bed.

There are several different types of storage furniture that you can take advantage of.

5. Add Hooks to a Corner

Do you have a corner that looks lonely and drab?

Take this unused space and create a cute little storage space.

You can place a few hooks on the walls and connect bags or baskets to extend storage potential. You can even add triangle corner shelving up high.

This small space would work best as a themed area. Such as a way to keep a prized collection or use it as your organizing center with a wall-mounted calendar, memo board, and key hooks.

6. Use Room Dividers (or Curtains)

If you have a particularly large room that isn’t living up to its full potential, you can block off a small storage area with room dividers or curtains.

You can block off three feet across an entire room, a square off the corner of the room, or just span half the wall. How much space you divide is entirely up to you.

Room dividers are more expensive but add some visual interest to the room. Curtains might need a little work to install, but they can expand from floor to ceiling, leaving little evidence of the space division, if that’s your aim.

This method keeps the mess out of sight but also keeps the items in storage conveniently close.

This method is also perfect for creating an extra closet space. Just add a rolling garment rack with a few bins, and you can store an entire wardrobe.

7. Employ the Back of Doors

You can also use doors for storage space. Just add over-the-door hanging organizers to turn a boring door into a convenient spot to hold your stuff.

In the bedroom, you can use your door organizer to hold hats, belts, and scarves. In the bathroom, use your door organizer as a way to store extra towels and face cloths.

You can add hooks to the back of your door as an alternative to the over-the-door organizer. Use them to hold your next day’s outfit, let wet towels dry, or hang your warm fuzzy robe to grab when you get up.


There you have it!

Seven extra ways to fit more in an apartment. If you get creative, you’ll find that there are many more ways to store your things and keep them looking neat and organized

These seven ideas will get you started. Happy storing!

Author bio :

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at 8181 Med Center with five years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making 8181 Med Center the place to call home.

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