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Step By Step Guide for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling is probably one of the easiest ways to boost the value of your home. Many homeowners, before selling their properties, prefer remodeling the kitchen. It’s a no-brainer that the kitchen is the heart of any house. And while visiting a new property, the buyers look at the kitchen attentively.

But what exactly happens during a kitchen remodeling? If you are among those enthusiastic DIYers, you need to pay additional importance to know more about kitchen remodeling.

image - Step By Step Guide for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project
Step By Step Guide for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

But you still need professional guidance while remodeling your kitchen, and most people hand over all the responsibilities of kitchen remodeling to professionals. And you still need to do some preconstruction steps such as locating, hiring contractors and designers, and more.

Beyond this, what all are there to consider making your kitchen remodeling project a success? We have come up with the most common order of events for kitchen remodeling.

Remember, each project has unique needs and based on your project, the steps below might deviate slightly.

Some Steps to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Demolition and Tear Out

Demolition and tearing out is probably the first step of any kitchen remodel project. Before you start building a completely new and beautiful space, it’s essential to get rid of the outdated and worn-out structure.

In this step, you can include demolishing walls, flooring, fixtures, and more. Many property owners prefer handling this step themselves. But it is always best to hire a professional and licensed contractor to complete the work.

An experienced team of contractors has enough knowledge and experience to avoid damaging plumbing and other pipes hidden behind the walls are beneath the cabinets.

If you are diving into a DIY kitchen remodeling project, make sure to turn the water before starting this step.

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Do A Rough-In Work

The next step of kitchen remodeling is completing rough-in work, including plumbing and framing. Think of this step as planning what goes inside the walls and other things having to do with the walls.

Sometimes this step can be as simple as just moving framing in the walls around a new center island. This step is all about moving plumbing fixtures away from what was initially established in large kitchen remodeling projects.

This step can be a little time-consuming and usually best to be left to professional hands.

Total Inspection

After you have done with the step of rough-in work, it is time for a thorough inspection of your kitchen. In most cases, all it requires is calling a team of professionals and scheduling an appointment with them.

And you might need to pay a small fee to the inspectors. If your kitchen has been developed following all the applicable building codes for your jurisdiction, you can smoothly move to the next step.

If you have hired a team of professional contractors, they will handle the inspection alongside fixing the errors themselves.

Finishing the Walls

Once the inspection procedure has been done successfully, it is time to finish the walls. You can build the walls according to your project plan, and you are going to need a contractor to finish up this process.

This step also includes adding a coat of primer on the walls, and sometimes homeowners prefer coloring the walls at this step only.

Installing Windows and Doors

After the walls are done, this is the time to install new doors and windows if necessary. If you are sticking to the old structure of your kitchen, you might have nothing to do with this step.

You can wipe down the old windows and doors with a good cleaner and seal the existing cracks to insulate your kitchen more effectively.

Cabinets and Plumbing Fixtures

The next step in the renovation process is the installation of cabinets and plumbing fixtures. If you want to change the old structures, this is the time when you can do that.

The fun part of the process is that you can finally see the final project taking shape in this step. If you want to add faucets, sink, or garbage disposal, this is also the time for those.

Adding New Appliances

After installing cabinets and plumbing fixtures are done, you can add new appliances to your kitchen. If you want a built-in microwave, refrigerator stove, and other appliances in your kitchen, this is the time to complete those installations.

New Flooring Installation

Finally, the time has arrived for new flooring. This step is a bit contested as many homeowners prefer installing flooring before cabinetry, but others feel it is safe to save the flooring installation for the last.

If you have waited until the end, this is the optimum time to install flooring.

Celebrating Your New Kitchen

Congratulations, your renovation project is complete. Now is the time to sit back and celebrate your beautiful kitchen. Pull yourself a glass of wine and invite your friends over a meal.

Before you become ready to start your kitchen renovation project, meet the top-rated Texas remodeling company that can create the space of your dreams. To schedule a project review appointment, contact us today.