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Strong and Light: 5 Amazing Properties of Aluminum

From window frames and consumer electronics to airplane components and the foil we use to cover food, aluminum is everywhere in our lives.

Yet despite being so prevalent, many people don’t understand or appreciate it. The truth is that the unique properties of aluminum are the reason why it’s so versatile, as well as why manufacturers rely on it to fill so many different functions.

image - Strong and Light 5 Amazing Properties of Aluminum
Strong and Light 5 Amazing Properties of Aluminum

What makes it different than other materials?

Keep reading to learn about five aluminum properties that set it apart from other materials.

1. Lightweight

One of the most unique aspects of aluminum is its weight. While powerful and durable, it’s incredibly light.

Weighing in at 2.7g/cm3, aluminum weighs only one-third the weight of steel. This makes it a cheaper manufacturing material, as well as a more energy-efficient option.

Many cars contain aluminum because it cuts down on dead-weight, reduces noise levels, and makes the interior of the vehicle more comfortable.

2. Reflective

Aluminum is a great tool for reflecting both visible light and heat. Both its reflective nature and low weight make it a favorite in the world of construction.

Many manufacturers use coated aluminum when constructing modern roofs. Aluminum’s reflective nature means that the roof can redirect around 95% of the sun’s rays.

This ensures that the interior of your home stays cool, reducing your need for air-conditioning and forms of energy consumption.

If you want to learn more about what goes into the manufacturing process, make sure to read this aluminum extrusion article.

3. Ductile

The ductility of a material refers to how malleable and flexible it is. Aluminum is one of the more ductile materials, which means that manufactures can use it to make just about anything.

From long and thin rods and wires to flat sheets and foil, aluminum can fill just about any role that someone needs it to.

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4. Impermeable

Aluminum foil is a manufacturing masterpiece that many people don’t appreciate. While thin, it’s also impermeable.

The food that you wrap with aluminum foil won’t leak out any of its smells, tastes, or juices. Ultraviolet waves also won’t be able to penetrate the foil.

The impermeability of aluminum also means that it’s odorless, which makes it great for everything from food to medication packaging.

5. Non-Toxic

Speaking of food, aluminum is also a non-toxic material. You won’t have to worry about ingesting chemicals or other harmful substances when you use aluminum products.

Because of that, manufacturers often use aluminum to make cooking utensils and products. Thanks to aluminum, pressure cookers, woks, and other tools are all safe to use when preparing food.

Understand the Wonderful Properties of Aluminum

Modern manufacturers have a lot of great materials to choose from, but aluminum will always be one of the best.

As this guide explains, the properties of aluminum make it versatile and different than the rest. Next time you use an aluminum product, stop and appreciate all that the material is doing for you!

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