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Telltale Signs You are Working with Scam Movers

If you are considering moving, you need a moving company to help you with the whole process.

There are several companies available in the market right now, but with these high numbers comes the headache of having to sieve which moving company is legitimate and which one are scam movers.

image - Telltale Signs You are Working with Scam Movers
Telltale Signs You are Working with Scam Movers

This article will give you tips on how to avoid getting scammed by movers and also provide warning signs to look out for to identify illegal movers.

Red Flags to Look Out For:

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The Company is Not Registered

One of the vital things a company should do is registering their business.

If a moving company does not have legal documents to show their registration with the government or the right authority, then you are probably working with illegal movers.

Always ask if the company is legitimate to avoid scams.

High Prices

A moving company that charges you a tremendous amount of money is a warning for you to run. A right moving company will charge you a reasonable price based on negotiations you have and the estimations of your house and things inside.

No Estimations Done

For any moving company to tell you the price they demand the moving and storage service they offer, they have first to do an in-home estimation and the weight of your things.

If a company does not do the evaluations and randomly price your items, it might be a scam.

Vehicles with No Business Name

Another simple way of how to identify scam movers is by checking logos or business names on their moving trucks. If these are absent, chances are, it is a scam company.

No Addresses

Illegal moving companies either have no websites where you can find their address or they have a website that does not have detailed information about them. They may name their city location but with no address.

Lack of Professionalism

Professionalism requires that when you contact or call a company, they will respond as professionally as possible.

Watch out for moving companies that respond with salutations such as “Hi” or “Hello” without accurately stating the name of the company and asking you how they may help you.

One sign of moving company scams is an unprofessional phone conversation.

Cash Only Payment Terms

These fraud moving companies usually do not accept credit cards. They demand cash as the only payment terms. Cash only payment is a red flag because moving companies ought to have multiple payment options.

Large Down Payments

No moving company should demand a large amount of down payment from you. However, illegal companies may demand large deposits only to disappear later without offering you moving and storage service.

No Contract

Always ensure you sign a contract of agreement with your movers and storers. Having contracts is the right way to show that you had a deal with the company, and you accept their terms, conditions, and the price charged.

An illegal moving company will not have a contract or any legitimate official document for you to sign.

They usually want to rush through the legal process and only demand money. Be careful not to fall for their tricks where you will sign the contract after the whole moving process is complete.

Holding Hostage

Scam moving companies charge high removal and storage costs, and when you fail to pay, they hold your belongings hostage.

A good example is when they refuse to open their trucks until you give them the large amount they are asking for.

Are You Already Working with Scam Movers?

It is quite unfortunate if you already find yourself working with movers and storers who are not genuine. However, there are steps you can take that will help you expose scam moving companies and avoid getting scammed.

Cleverly alert the police or relevant authority that you have been scammed or a scam company wants to scam you.

Please do this as soon as you discover that a company is a scam to let the authority arrest before they escape. Another step you can take is to sue the company if they are still in service. Take them to court so that they pay for fraud and overcharging.

The first thing that will indicate that a company is a scam is your instincts, and you should trust them.

Before making payments or agreeing to let a company move your things, look out for the red flags mentioned above; they are your ticket to identifying and avoiding fraudulent moving companies.

Take caution not to lose your household goods or furniture or money through these illegal companies.

There are moving companies that are credible and offer reasonable cost of moving. You can contact these companies and enjoy authentic services.

Please find the link to a video of a fraudulent moving company, https://youtu.be/mPxUV1NoR-o.

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