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The Essential Elements for Your Next Master Bathroom Design

Unlike the other parts of the home, we often design the bathroom first with function in mind, then aesthetics. After all, the bathroom is a place where you perform personal and intimate rituals such as bathing, grooming, and heeding the call of nature.

If you’re remodeling your master bathroom, you have the best opportunity to make this space functional, but just as pretty.

image - The Essential Elements for Your Next Master Bathroom Design
The Essential Elements for Your Next Master Bathroom Design

From small updates like the choice of artwork to big deals like the installation of new sinks, showers and toilets, you inarguably have a lot of options in giving your bathroom a brand new spanking look. Here are the top ten design ideas you can consider for the remodeling project.

1. Curbless Shower

If you think that putting together a Custom Shower Glass Panel & Enclosures may be the traditional design and with the right installation company, can create magic in your bathroom.

However, more and more people are becoming open to the idea of curbless showers. Glass-enclosed showers can add a dash of luxury to the bathroom in an almost effortless way, but some people are not just so fanatic about cleaning soap scums from the glass door every day.

A curbless shower solves that dilemma. When designing a bathroom with a curbless shower, make sure that you position the showerhead with a generous splash zone. If you have a small bathroom but still want this type of shower, make sure to consider placing it directly or near the drain on the floor.

2. Separate Toilet

You want to do your own thing in your private space, so a separate toilet room, especially in a shared bathroom, is most welcome. To spice things up some more, consider buy a bidet for your bathroom so you can clean up hands-free.

Also, a modern bidet comes with an array of features and functions, from a heated air dryer, adjustable nozzle, and deodorizer. If you want to make your bathroom more private and hygienic, then a separate toilet should be well worth your money.

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3. His and Hers Sinks

Being in a relationship means sharing most of your space. But if you’d rather put all your products in one place without mixing them up with that of your partner’s things, then getting double sinks is in order. While you’re at it, make sure that you get as much counter space so you can both brush your teeth at the same time without bumping elbows.

4. Re-think Your Mirror

What is a bathroom without a mirror? If there’s one area in your home where you can be so generous with mirrors, it would be the bathroom. Mirrors reflect so you can properly groom up.

But did you know that the right mirror can also make even a small-sized bathroom appear larger than its actual size? Replace an outdated mirror with a modern, fresh one, as well as ensure that it is just of the right size and installed in the correct location.

5. Separate Tub

Sometimes a day can get so exhausting that nothing beats a long soak in the bathtub. The tub gives your bathroom a luxurious look, but more than anything else, it’s the perfect place to unwind and relax in private.

If your existing bathroom doesn’t have a bathtub yet, consider getting one. Make sure to choose wisely regarding depth and design, and the tub should be able to have the space to hold your aromatherapy products in place.

6. Walk-in Closet

When you’re getting ready in the morning, you want to grab everything in one place especially if you are in a hurry. For this reason, the master bathroom should have a walk-in closet so you can seamlessly go through your routine without the hassle of finding your garments someplace else.

Depending on the size of your master bathroom, the walk-in closet can be as large or as small, but as long as you have one, your daily routine should quickly fall into place.

7. Artwork

You might not immediately think of the bathroom as the best place to hang your favorite artwork because it’s better left off in the living room where everyone can admire its beauty. But artwork can give your bathroom a sense of personality too, so don’t skip it.

Pick an artwork that makes your bathroom look bright and cheerful without overshadowing the space’s overall look and design.

8. Heated Towel Rack

You might overlook the importance of towel racks daily, but as soon as winter begins to make an appearance, you’ll most likely appreciate having a heated towel rack in the bathroom.

Heated towel racks are already a regular occurrence in European showers, but they’re not as popular in the US yet. Getting one for your master bathroom can be a good move as these racks can keep your towels warm in a cold climate as well as keep them dry and fresh for most of the time.

9. Generous Counter Space

You have plenty of personal products in the bathroom, and you need all the space that you can get to keep those products handy. Not only that, plenty of counter space means you can decorate the surface areas with more flexibility.

10. More Storage Spaces

While the counter space holds most things on display, you certainly have some products that you want to hide from plain sight. It is where storage spaces come in handy. Drawers, shelves, and cabinets in the bathroom can store and keep your items while keeping them accessible.

Your master bathroom is a private place where you perform most of your most intimate tasks. You can make your next master bath a convenient, pleasurable, comfortable, and beautiful place.

To achieve this goal, you must keep in mind several design ideas, including the location of conventional bathroom fixtures like the toilet, shower, and tub as well as the generousness of your surface and storage spaces.

It can get tricky sometimes, especially if you have a small master bathroom, but with proper planning and careful designing, you’ll come up with a pretty bathroom you’d be happy to be in, regardless of what you’re doing at that given moment.