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Trends to Look For in 2022

As 2022 approaches, new and exciting appliance trends are coming into focus. If you’re thinking about purchasing new additions for your kitchen, or you need to do a complete home renovation, this article is for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the most excellent trends that are making their mark in 2022, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

image - Trends to Look For in 2022
Trends to Look For in 2022

From statement hood fans to mixing vintage and modern pieces, get ready to find inspiration for your next home redesign.

Vintage is Back

image - Vintage is Back

Mixing vintage pieces with modern products has always made homes appear more lived-in and boisterous. And now more than ever, people are loving the look and feel of vintage pieces in their kitchens.

To take advantage of this trend, you don’t have to specifically buy vintage appliances. The wonderful thing about this trend is that you can purchase appliances that have a vintage feel, yet are completely brand new.

Look for brands like Smeg, a company distinctly known for its colorful appliances that replicate 1940’s and 1950’s styles.

Their classic pastel refrigerators are a charming addition to any kitchen as they offer deep curved doors and chunky handles, evocative of the retro style. You can also pair incredibly modern-looking appliances with accent pieces to achieve the same effect.

Installing a stainless steel microwave in your kitchen and pairing it with a gas range painted with a primary color, like yellow or red, creates an unforgettable dynamic that will wow your guests.

If you’re not into “retro” decor, you can still participate in the vintage trend by finding appliances that speak to a more distant decade. Gas ranges with cast iron grates lend themselves to a farmhouse feel that also says “vintage” in a different sense.

You can up the ante even further by choosing accessories that speak to this era, such as cast iron pots and pans, an accent wall decorated with wallpaper, and open concept shelving.

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Make a Statement With Hood Fans

image - Make a Statement With Hood Fans

An appliance that’s becoming increasingly popular, and not just because of its extreme usefulness, is the hood fan. Many people are choosing to make these handy appliances their kitchen statement piece as they’re prime real-estate for fun colors and materials.

A Jet black hood fan hanging over a kitchen island adds drama and intensity to a fabulously modern kitchen, while luxurious stainless steel hood fans are perfect for minimalist decor.

If neutral tones are not your thing, many hood fans come in playful colors such as yellow and orange. Want to step it up a notch? Try experimenting with different shapes and sizes, adding intrigue through design rather than color.

Not every hood fan looks the same, with some offering curved lines, flat surfaces, or triangle accents.

Invest in a Smart Kitchen

image - Invest in a Smart Kitchen

Automated home appliances and smart devices are becoming increasingly popular in the home as they offer convenience and ease of use.

By being able to control your appliances through your phone or a centralized smart home system, you can better manage your time and add simplicity to your life.

Many appliances nowadays can be controlled via WiFi or Bluetooth, so you can keep track of certain chores, like laundry or dishwashing.

Want the oven to start preheating at a specific time so you can cook your food the minute you get home? This is just one of the great advantages of having a smart oven.

You’d also be able to schedule self-cleaning times and even scan your packaged food’s barcode so that the oven knows exact cooking instructions, delivering perfect results each time.

Another advantage to smart home appliances is that there’s an added element of safety. Since you have the ability to control the appliances with the touch of your finger, you can stay on top of accidents.

You can always check to make sure the oven or stovetop was turned off after breakfast, right before leaving for your family vacation. You can be notified of any repairs that need to be made to the appliance or possible issues with the machine that need to be addressed before further use.

This saves you the stress that comes with uncertainty, and it also saves you time in the long run.

Two Words: Custom Hardware

image - Two Words Custom Hardware

Did you know that some appliance stores allow you to customize the hardware that comes along with appliances like ranges and stovetops? Whether or not this was a best-kept secret, it’s now becoming the hottest new thing.

Metallic knobs and handles are gracing the fronts of ovens and refrigerators alike. Some of the most popular choices are copper, gold, and silver paired with black or colorful appliances.

Consider a royal blue range embellished with bright, gold knobs. Or imagine gorgeous copper handles paired with a matte, black refrigerator. The possibilities are truly endless and you’ll end up with a customized finished product that will illuminate your home.

If you’re shopping online, these features are usually found under the “accessories” category on a company’s website.

In addition to the different types of custom hardware you can add to your appliances, you’re also able to have custom panels added to dishwashers, compact refrigerators, or under-counter freezer drawers.

These panels can be custom-made to match your surrounding cabinets so your appliances blend in seamlessly.

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

The new year is all about customization, automation, and blending the old with the new. Have fun with color, unique vintage designs, and make a statement with smart home technology.

We’re seeing more and more kitchens embrace the modern era of smart appliances, while also experimenting with retro colors and designs.

You can have the best of both worlds when it comes to trends in 2022. Stay inspired and tap into your playful side by taking advantage of customization services and bold statement pieces.

To find some of the trending products touched on in this article, reach out to a retailer that offers innovative smart appliances and luxury brands built to last.

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