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Tips for Getting the Best Tree Service

You’re probably wondering why it even matters getting an arborist to remove the tree in your yard when all you need is a saw.

After all, it’s a straightforward process with no complications. This isn’t always the case with any tree removal or pruning work.

image - Tips for Getting the Best Tree Service
Tips for Getting the Best Tree Service

There is more than meets the eye, and that is why you must be getting in touch with professionals if the work is to be done the right way. We’ve come up with tips that will come in handy in getting the best tree service.


As much as it will be tempting to go for the cheapest contractor, it’s important to make sure that the person you’re hiring has the necessary certification.

There is obviously a difference between an “arborist” and one that is certified. A certified arborist has gone through the right training and knows the safe ways to remove and trim trees.

A certified contractor means that they take their profession seriously, and it could be what separates them from other providers in the market.

Such a contractor is also likely, to be honest about the nature of the work and expected.


Safety is one of the reasons why you’ll want to get Bronx Tree Service in the first place. The tree could be near your home, and cutting it without making sure that your property and those involved are safe could be disastrous.

A professional will ensure that OSHA requirements are being followed for pruning and removal of the trees. The company makes sure that the crew has the right protective gear and tools for the job.

Following the safety procedures could make a big difference as injuries and damage to property will be avoided.

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The reputation of the tree service company is something that will come with years of experience. A company with a good reputation should have positive online reviews.

You should research to determine if the company you intend to hire is a member of a professional organization.

You can also ask for references to follow up with past clients on their experience working with the company. A provider that doesn’t have anything to hide will be happy to provide the references.

Doing a little bit of research could save you from working with companies only after making quick money.

Multiple Estimates

How can you know if the prices being charged by the company are too high or too low? This is particularly important if it’s the first time you’re seeking such a service.

The best workaround would be to reach out to multiple providers to know how much you’ll be expected to pay for the service.

From the estimate, you’ll be able to come up with the average price of what to pay. A company that charges way cheaper than that could be having something to hide.

Getting estimates is also a way of knowing the exact services that you’ll be getting.

Pay When Satisfied

You should never pay upfront for tree service until you’re satisfied with the work that has been done with the tree service company.

There are instances where homeowners have paid upfront for such a service, only for the contractors to disappear without a trace.

You should only pay the full amount when you’re delighted with the work that has been done. However, some contractors may ask you to place a downpayment for the service.

In most cases, this is accepted, especially if the amount is not more than half the estimated full price. Contractors often state that the downpayment is for the materials needed.

Caution After a Disaster

There will be contractors knocking on your door after a disaster claiming that they can help with the cleanup process.

It could be tempting to hire such a contractor, especially if the branches seem to be falling off. As much as it’s tempting, you should avoid working with such individuals as you could end up paying more than what you’ve been bargained for.

There are companies that will charge exorbitantly when the service they’re providing only costs a few dollars.

Ask Questions

Always ask questions in case something is unclear. It is not good to assume, given the fact the most contractors will use it as an excuse that you agreed to the terms. The tree service should not have an issue when you ask questions.

You should make sure that you’re getting a written contract so that the scope of work and deliverables are well defined.

A contract is legally binding and is meant to protect your interests. Check out online reviews on what past customers have to say about the tree service.

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