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11 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2021

Having a stylish kitchen speaks of your status, taste, and nature. The cupboard designs are evolving fast, and now multiple fantastic kitchen cabinetry plans will leave you stunned.

If you wish to install Northern Prairie Cabinets of 2021, observe the given trends and pick the most suitable one according to your requirements.

image - 11 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2021
11 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2021

1. Open Shelving

In recent times, open shelving is quite famous among homeowners. You can keep the utensils and other items in the open shelving inside the kitchen.

Though it is not a “must-have,” you can opt for open shelving if you have expensive dinner sets. On the other hand, you can decorate your kitchen with wine bottles, recipe books, coffee mugs, and others.

To be very honest, open shelving is an excellent option for small kitchens as it gives you an illusion of more space inside your kitchen.

2. Colour Customization

You can always opt for color-customized cabinets for your kitchen. If you install a cabinetry system having different colors other than the rest of the items like walls and doors, it won’t look good.

You should always pick cabinets with a decent combination that matches your kitchen and offer an appealing look.

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3. Use Oak Wood

Oakwood is a beautiful trend that you can consider for your kitchen cabinets. Oakwood comes with a rustic yet sober look making your kitchen look great.

The luxury texture and neutral color look so appealing that your guests will give a wow expression after entering the kitchen.

From French cottages to seaside hotels, Oakwood cabinets are trendy due to their vintage appeal. And for that reason, if you are planning to install new kitchen cabinetry in 2021, considering this option will be brilliant.

4. Minimalism Is the Key

A milky white countertop with minimal utensils looks gorgeous. Not surprisingly, this is a beautiful trick to have an appealing kitchen.

The sleek and stylish cabinets will look stunning as you encourage less interior decoration and only the essential utensils inside your kitchen.

5. Clean Aesthetics Cabinetry Systems

Clean, white aesthetic cabinets always look gorgeous. The simple designs, straight lines, smooth edges, and panel doors enhance your kitchen’s appeal to a great extent.

People having a low budget can consider such systems, as these cabinets require less maintenance.

As you enter your kitchen, you will be pleased to see the picturesque cabinetry system with a fair and square attitude; if you have a small kitchen, install this type of cabinetry system today.

6. Colorful Cabinetry System with Great Finishings

Do you like colorful cabinetry systems for your house? Do you want to paint one cabinet red and the other bright yellow? Then this colorful kitchen trend will blow your mind.

With this unique kitchen cabinet trend, you can install cabinet doors having turquoise, red, blue, green, yellow, and many more colors.

It’s just that the cabinet comes with a base color white, and you can apply paint over the doors to make it more vibrant. However, you can mix 2-3 colors to give your kitchen a fusion get-up.

7. Farmhouse Sinks

Unlike earlier days, farmhouse sinks are more popular than single or double bowl sinks due to their excellent design, large deep size, and comfortable use.

As there are unexpected guests inside your house, you can quickly hide the dirty dishes in the sink basin.

8. Your Smart Kitchen Cabinetry

In today’s world, most people cook food with online recipes. It will be great for you to have a smart kitchen with charging points for your smart devices in such a situation.

On the other hand, you can install high-tech cabinetry systems with in-build music systems, space for TVs and tablets.

9. Cool Lighting Features

Creative lighting looks gorgeous as you install them inside your kitchen cabinetry. The in-build small lights brighten your kitchen and make your feel better as you enter your kitchen space.

You can install cabinets with white or yellow LED lights inside your kitchen.

10. The Fitted Appliances

It looks great when you fit the appliances inside the cabinetry system. All you need to fix the appliances aptly with custom panels will give your kitchen an attractive look.

If you own a small kitchen, then you can indeed consider this cabinetry system.

11. Styling Details

While installing kitchen cabinets, make sure that the cabinets doors do not look boring. You can add personalized furniture styling details to give a different look to your kitchen.

Furthermore, you can add countertops, customized storage options for more convenience.

Therefore, if you are all set to install a unique kitchen cabinetry system, make sure you keep these popular trends in mind.

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