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4 Tips for Renovating a Special Space in Your Home for Your Family

Homeowners love doing renovations every once in a while. It may be costly most time, but the overall results are definitely worth it.

Sometimes, the home renovation must also be done, especially if you have a growing family. The type of renovation would vary depending on your household’s needs.

image - 4 Tips for Renovating a Special Space in Your Home for Your Family
4 Tips for Renovating a Special Space in Your Home for Your Family

For instance, you need to renovate a particular space in your home for your children’s growing needs, like a study room or a library room. You may also decide on renovating your kitchen for your wider need for space.

Regardless of which space you are planning to renovate for your family’s benefit, there are a few things you must keep in mind for a stress-free and family-friendly renovation.

For your guide, here are a few tips to remember when renovating a special space in your home for your family.

1. Choose Your Project

Everything starts with choosing your project. It’s difficult to conduct multiple renovations as that will only be messy and could not get everything right.

Choose which particular space do you think needs to be renovated first for your family’s needs. You can also call for professional advice from architects such as Sweebe Architecture as they know better when making a variety of decisions.

Although they can help you technically, their decisions in planning your project would solely depend on you.

They’ll ask what your expectations are, what you want out of this project, what is lacking with your current space, what you would like to add, and how you would like the result to look at by the time it is finished.

Don’t forget to consider and plan your family’s household needs in the future, not just in the present.

For instance, if you’re renovating a special space for the children, avoid designing anything too small, as they will eventually grow and will have a different set of needs in the future.

Once you’ve finalized your chosen project, they can produce a proposed design and an estimated cost for your reference.

2. Hire Professionals

After you have the idea and the design in your hands, it’s time you start looking for professional contractors who will work for you on this project.

For major renovations, a trusted expert can guide you in terms of the possibility of expanding your area base on your existing blueprint.

When choosing your contractors, ensure that they’re a good fit for your project and even for your family. It’s necessary to check their licenses and backgrounds for any history of bad records or complaints.

There’s nothing wrong with being straightforward about your questions as long as it’s related to their work, performance, and expected output.

You can also inquire about their portfolio with their past projects and their average time frame for every project. All these can affect you and your renovation experience, so be communicative about it.

3. Keep it Safe and Family-Friendly

As mentioned above, when hiring a team of professionals to work with you, they must be good not only with their skills and outputs but also in handling family situations during the remodeling process.

Most especially, if you have kids with you in the household, these contractors must be sympathetic about the challenge of having kids around during the renovation.

You can check about your contractor’s safety practices like keeping their tools organized in a container that’s out of reach of children, or if they put up temporary barriers for their worksite, and as well as to shield it away from kids.

You must also do your role as a parent or guardian, like reminding the children to stay out of the working site and never run around the house while barefoot.

Both you and the contractor’s safety practice can indeed contribute to a safe and family-friendly renovation process.

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4. Have a Timetable

All renovations, whether they’re big or small, must have a timetable. Following a timeline can surely reduce the stress of an avoidable long renovation. A quicker completion is much preferred, especially to families who have young kids around during the project.

If the contractor has provided you with a timetable for your project, you may consider moving in temporarily with your relatives, especially if it’s an extensive renovation project.

As some professionals claim, renovating will be done faster if families with children will temporarily move out. You can also decide to take a family vacation yet while waiting for the renovation to finish.

Make sure that when you moved out, you’ve already laid out all the necessary decisions that the contractors need from you.

Examples of these are your choice of paint, tiles, fixtures, tiles, and other details that you need to incorporate. Don’t forget to leave your special instructions with the project manager, aside from the design or blueprint you’ve provided them.

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Wrapping Up

After you’ve laid out all the specifications and details you need for the completion of your family’s special space renovation, it’s time you put your trust in the professionals.

Trust that they can complete it in no time, hitting the exact expectation of the space you were after.

Once the whole project is over, there may be minor loose ends such as more intensive cleaning of the finished area, in which that will be yours to decide whether you do the full cleaning yourself or hire professional cleaners for that.