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6 Tips to Transform your Kitchen for a Family with Young Kids

From cooking mouth-watering delicacies to indulging in those deep late-night conversations, the kitchen is the room where a family bonds the most.

It is the safe space in every house that brews the most delightful memories. And with little kids at home, your kitchen is a go-to place for most of your chores throughout the day.

image - 6 Tips to Transform your Kitchen for a Family with Young Kids
6 Tips to Transform your Kitchen for a Family with Young Kids

Hence, this haven of yours has to be all prepped up with safety, ease, and convenience to make the most of the time spent in the kitchen with young kids.

There is a lot that goes into modeling a kid-friendly kitchen that calls for more fun and less havoc. From safe drawers and cupboards to comfortable seating and sturdy kitchen tops, there is definitely a lot.

Here’s a brief guide with a couple of clever ideas to style your kitchen aptly.

Step 1. Choose the Best Kitchen Installation Services

One of the very first steps is to decide on designers who can carefully craft a kitchen space that suits your family best.

There are a lot of kitchen fitters in Manchester and nearby cities in the United Kingdom. However, choosing a service close to your proximity is more preferable.

Sieve through reviews, recommendations, and credibility to hop over the best services.

Step 2. Ask the Right Questions

It is crucial to grind through a couple of questions with your kitchen installers in Manchester to help design an ideal kitchen.

  • What your kitchen looks like currently? Consider the current kitchen plan to understand the loopholes and additions to be done for a better-equipped kitchen.
  • How many kids of what ages rule the kitchen? This shall help in identifying what and where modification is necessary.
  • Who spends most of their time in the kitchen?
  • How many members live in the house? To have more idea of space and placement.
  • Do large family gatherings happen too often? For ideas to accumulate more in compact arrangements.

More such discussions with your potential kitchen fitters can make designing your family-friendly space convenient.

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Step 3. Knowledge is Power – Research about primary kitchen remodeling requirements

You must have an idea of what goes where in the kitchen. Get to know the best tabletops, kitchen surfaces, and islands to pick the perfect fit for your home. Here’s a brief list of some basics:

1. Sturdy, Durable, and Easy-Clean Kitchen Surfaces/Tops

When toddlers or teens are on the kitchen fields, the mess is inevitable. Although you can’t stop your excited toddler to bake, it is possible to invest in kitchen tops that don’t soak in the spill, can be easily wiped, and are durable.

Quartz, laminate, and wooden tops are probably the most ideal ones given their non-porous nature and affordability.

Laminate is on the ruling side with pocket-friendly prices, availability in various colors, and moderate to good capacity on withstanding spills.

On the other hand, quartz is ideally the best replacement for granite with spill-friendly nature and durability in the long run.

Your kitchen worktop fitters will surely assist in deciding the ideal kitchen surface for your pretty home.

2. A Multipurpose Kid-Friendly Kitchen Island and Furniture

Kitchen islands are essentially the best way to incorporate multiple tasks into a single area.

These can serve as your toddlers’ meal table, your teens’ study area, your workspace while you cook, or even your kitchen counter with guests hanging over. Also, you should get them the dinnerware that is meant for kids like kids plates and glasses.

Add in a couple of step stools and kid-sized chairs to swamp the island into a family-friendly station. With kid-friendly seating arrangements, the island can work wonders towards a joyful kitchen ambiance.

3. Child-Friendly Pantry

One of the most crucial areas to create a safe and healthy kitchen space for your young ones is to have an accessible, clutter-free, and well-built pantry area.

Spice up the pantry with all the food you want your child to eat. From nut butter and fruits to candies and Cheerios cereal, anything and everything you want to offer for a healthy snack for your kid to munch on while you cook your way out.

Accessible pantries are often those with drawers and cabinets that are reachable, safe to open/shut, and durable.

You may choose for a separate pantry section or simply include the lower portions of the family pantry area.

4. Fall-Proof Kitchen Flooring

Spills and splashes of food all over the floor must have been a common sight now. However, when this happens on the kitchen floors, the chances of tripping off the ground are many.

Hence make sure to opt for flooring tiles that aren’t too slippery with or without spills. It is essential that you discuss this with your kitchen flooring Company to ensure a safe play area for your tiny tots.

5. Include Kitchen Accessories specifically for Kids

Make sure to space out a cabinet for safe accessories like open vessels, cutlery, and tumblers for your child to reach out and use pleasantly.

Involving kids into kitchen activities encourages healthy eating and love towards food. Moreover, with kid-friendly equipment at hand, they can be pushed to even clean up the after-cooking mess with you.

6. Foldable countertops and convection microwave fitting

Baking is one thing that no child ever rejects doing. Having a pull-out or foldable countertop with adjustable height settings is suitable for kids for a joy-filled baking session.

Additionally, incorporating a convection microwave is a great idea to enjoy the facilities of both convection and microwave at affordable prices and lots of conveniences.

Well with kids at home, a lot of heating, reheating, and baking goes all round the clock.

Upgrade to a child-friendly Kitchen for Happy Times

While your kitchen is no longer a place to cook just food, rather a place where memories are brewed, ideas are tempered, and fun boils up.

So make sure to model it into a healthy, safe, and happy space for your family. Make mealtimes fun and develop a love for food by remodeling your kitchen using the tips mentioned above.

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