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Laundry Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is here.

It’s the time of the year to bring our homes back in the best condition. Most families have the tradition of doing a good, deep house cleaning when the spring comes.

House cleaning not only promotes cleanliness and tidiness of the surroundings but also concerns our wellness.

image - Laundry Tips for Spring Cleaning
Laundry Tips for Spring Cleaning

Now, how can you make a fresh start this spring?

While you are thinking of creating a to-do list of taking out the garbage, cleaning out every corner of your house, and decluttering an unattended space, do you know any tips on doing your laundry during spring?

Tip 1: Clean the Washing Machine with Mouthwash.

Your washing machine needs regular disinfection. Regular disinfection helps your washer function normally.

Although there are special detergents you can use for disinfection, there’s a little trick to help you save some cash. You can use the mouthwash available in your bathroom cabinet.

Add a half glass of mouthwash to the detergent container in the washing machine and start a full wash cycle. The mouthwash will effectively remove any bacteria, fungus, and mold that has accumulated around the washer.

It’s good to start doing the laundry in spring cleaning by disinfecting the washing machine.

Tip 2: Keep Your White Clothes, Sparkling White

It’s spring, and white clothes are the classic and versatile wardrobe during this season. However, the disadvantage of wearing white is it’s prone to stains and discoloration. These downsides are quite noticeable and hard to remove.

So, how do you keep your favorite seasonal wardrobe to maintain its fresh and pristine sparkling white color?

Well, the first step into this tip is pretty obvious. You have to sort and separate your clothes. Although it might be tempting and time-efficient to wash all of your clothes together, white garments should never go with the dark-colored ones, or else color bleeding will happen.

When washing white garments, it is best to use the same detergent used by the laundry experts, a detergent with an optical brightener.

Optical brighteners are ingredients that make your white clothes as pristine as the day you bought them.

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Tip 3: Wash Clothes Delicately

As you have treated your white clothes delicately, you need to do that with your other garments too. You should treat your clothes like an investment.

If you know how to take care of them, you can wear them longer than expected. But, how can you make your clothes surpass the test of time?

By checking, reading, and following the clothes’ care label. Almost all garments have their wash label. It gives you instructions for the best possible care.

Are your clothes for handwashing, dry cleaning, or does it require other special treatments? You need to know whether you can do it at home or need help from dry cleaning experts.

Handwashing is a time-consuming laundry method. However, if your clothes require it, you need to comply.

If you cannot take care of your delicate clothes, you can drop off your clothes at the nearest laundry service in your neighborhood.

It’s the perfect solution for people who want to treat their clothes delicately yet have no extra time to do it.

Tip 4: Keep Spring Allergies at Bay

Spring is breathtakingly beautiful; it’s hard not to appreciate the season. The flowers and trees are back to life; they are blooming beautifully.

However, spring brings pesky seasonal allergies. The flower pollens are quite irritating. There are two ways on how you can free your laundry from these allergens.

You need to launder your clothes in cold water. Although some recommend placing their laundry inside the freezer overnight, we don’t.

You might transfer the bacteria or irritants that are clinging into your clothes if you place them inside the freezer.

Going back, it’s fine to use cold water. It’s the perfect water temperature that helps remove any residual allergens. Using cold water will initially do the trick.

Another tip is not to dry your clothes for a prolonged period on the clothesline. If you think your clothes are already dried up, you can pick them up immediately.

Drying them longer will result in 2 problems: overexposing the clothes to heat results in damaging the clothes, and pollens may fall to your hanging clothes.

Tip 5: It’s Time to Change Your Wardrobe

It’s time to go through what’s inside your closet and set aside what you won’t wear for the upcoming seasons (Spring and Summer). Stash away the heavy and delicate jackets that you wore during Winter.

Make room for your lovely dresses, shirts, hats. You can also grab the opportunity to check your clothing sizes to know whether they’re good for donation or you can still use them.

Changing your wardrobe will help you save time from choosing what you will wear.

Tip 6: Keep Your Surroundings Safe

This tip isn’t only for spring. It’s for all seasons and you need to practice this every time. Well, this is more of a reminder than a tip.

You have to keep your laundry products in high places and out of reach for children and pets. These laundry essentials contain chemicals that are harmful when ingested.

One more reason you should be careful with these products is they look appealing and fun for children. It’s a high risk if you don’t keep them in safety cabinets.

Other than clothes, Spring is the best time to laundry infrequently washed items. Remove your pillow covers, mattress covers, comforters, and curtains. Wash them according to their care label instructions.

While you are washing these linens, open your bedroom window and let the breeze air freshen up your room and mattress.

Utilize these laundry tips this spring to ensure your clothes maintain their fresh and pristine condition. Remember, if you can’t do it at home, you can ask for assistance from nearby laundry experts.

Now that you have an idea of how to do your laundry this Spring, read other articles on how you should reorganize your home in this season.

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