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The Ultimate Guide to Design Your Laundry

Designing a laundry doesn’t look as easy as people think it may be. Many people underestimate designing a laundry and many are not even willing to spend their time there.

There is not one thing to focus upon but are several key things that a person should keep in mind while considering laundry design.

There are many factors such as location, the noise it causes, installation, and much more than a person should look deep into.

image - The Ultimate Guide to Design Your Laundry
The Ultimate Guide to Design Your Laundry

If you were surfing the internet for the design of laundry and don’t know much about it then there is nothing to worry about as this article has got you covered.

This article will guide you through the ultimate guide to design your laundry.

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Figuring out where your laundry would be situated is one of the main and the most important step in designing and planning the laundry.

It’s up to the people where they want it to be as many have different approaches and likeliness. Many people want it to be in their basement to eliminate the noise that it causes.

On the other hand, many people like it to be placed in the main area of the house for the sake of convenience and easy access.

Besides these two options, many people also opt for the area which is known as a mudroom. They choose it because many people use it and it is used occasionally.


One of the main factors to look into is to consider the noise the laundry causes. Mainly all the dryers and washing machines cause a lot of noise and one has to listen to it until it stops.

Now with the increase in technology, many machines offer much-reduced noise which is a great step towards improvement. But that still causes a lot of noise and not everyone can afford it.

While designing your laundry, you have to make sure that you place your laundry next to that area which eliminates the noise or at least is the least audible in the surrounding.


One should always measure the space before finalizing the location and should opt for a washing machine afterward. It is also advised by the professionals to leave extra space just to be safe.

Laundry design would work perfectly if one has every calculation in mind. Many newbies make a common mistake which is not to think of the future.

They don’t leave some extra space due to which they are limited to the arrangements and can’t change things in the future.

Laundry Design Cabinets

Many people want to store the cloths in the cabinets and due to easy access, they make sure that it’s in the same laundry room.

Many people choose and opt for a standalone closet which is accompanied by shelves. One has to make sure that they keep all the laundry liquids high enough so that they are not in range of the student.

In laundry design, it is also suggested to design the bins with decorations and hide things beneath them to keep things away from the people.