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5 Interesting Secrets You Must Know About Window Washing

There are many hidden secrets in every job that a person opts for, same goes for window washing too. The window washers are obliged to clean the dirty glass window of high-rise buildings, homes, stores, and offices.

Their working environment can be quite physically demanding sometimes and neither is safe as it thinks. Their job is one of the most dangerous and life-risking jobs that a person could think of.

image - 5 Interesting Secrets You Must Know About Window Washing
5 Interesting Secrets You Must Know About Window Washing

As discussed earlier window washers have loads of secrets to unleash but this article will mainly discuss five main secrets of them.

If you were surfing the internet for their secrets and didn’t know much of them then there is nothing to worry about as this article has got you covered.

This article will guide you through five interesting secrets you must know about window washing.

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Word ‘Window Washers’ Make Them Feel Cringe

The main phrase which comprises of words Window Washers makes them feel awful and disgusted. In Portland, according to Casey Hooper, he admitted that the word Window Washers irritates them and gives them cringe.

A word similar to window washers such as window cleaning technicians could be used. This similar term would make them feel better as it indicates a bit more respect and etiquette.

Fight Against Wind

One of the key factors that involve in window washing is wind. The wind decides which day is best for them to go out and work and which day is just for resting.

Especially when they have to work outside on high-rise buildings, wind can play a very negative role in it. If not taken precautions and measures, many life-threatening accidents can occur.

Freedom of Working Outdoors

Keeping all the dangers in mind, many window washers admitted that they all loved the fact that their job gave them liberty and freedom that they could work outside rather than just sitting inside of an office.

They believe that just sitting in the chair inside is too boring for them.

On the other hand, they also believe that going out and washing windows enables them to enjoy the weather they can’t enjoy indoors.

Fear Is a Part of the Job

Keeping all the dangers in mind, it is impossible not to have fear inside you. Fear is a factor that window washers inherent in this job.

If one of us was told to go and swing on a high-rise building then obviously he would have been scared too much.

They somehow admit that working in strong winds and against much height sometimes make them feel scared.

Deaths of Window Washers are Rare

As discussed earlier, fear is the part of the job but it doesn’t mean that there are too many causalities or deaths due to these.

The window washers know all the consequences of this job due to which they are very serious regarding their safety.

They inspect all their safety gear each day to make sure everything is fine.

In data, it was seen clearly that in four years, only four people died due to high-rise building window washing. The fatality rate is quite low as compared to its potential dangers.

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