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These Top 8 Home Features Will Make Every Homeowner Jealous

Improving your home is a responsibility that every homeowner should take seriously. When you make upgrades here and there, you’ll build property equity and improve your life.

image - These Top 8 Home Features Will Make Every Homeowner Jealous
These Top 8 Home Features Will Make Every Homeowner Jealous

In this guide, we’ll discuss some upgrades you can make that will improve your home to the fullest. Here are some of the best home features you can look into to modernize your house and make your neighbors jealous.

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  1. Look into Smart Home Automation

The smart home industry is set to reach $40 billion in the coming years. This is the next wave of technology that you should embrace for your house.

These setups allow you to control almost every facet of your house, from the temperatures and light levels to the Wi-Fi, phone service, and entertainment. It can also sync with your surveillance systems to make your home safer as a whole.

You’ll improve your quality of life when installing home automation, and will also add lots of equity and value to your real estate property.

  1. Install a New Set of Solar Panels

Solar energy is also the next wave of home technology.

Using the sun’s photos for energy rather than municipal energy helps you to protect your environment while also chucking your electric bill in the trash.

The savings potential is huge when you have some professionals install solar panels for you.

Your home will store solar energy on a consistent basis so that your home stays with power despite weather conditions.

When your neighbors lose their lights after a storm you’ll still be sitting pretty and will be able to use all of your electronics devices.

  1. Set Up a Full Laundry Room with Eco-Friendly Washers and Dryers

This seems like a small measure, but building a laundry room can improve your home by leaps and bounds. Laundry is one of the most consistent chores and duties that you participate in.

Making it comfortable with an entire laundry room will make it less of a burden.

Give yourself enough space to sort and fold your clothes, without having these outfits strewn all about your house.

You should also take the time to invest in eco-friendly washers and dryers that don’t use too much energy. Your washers and dryers take up a lot of your electricity.

When you decide to buy Energy Star models you’re not only helping the planet but saving money in the long-run.

Install some new eco-friendly LED lights so that you can leisurely do your laundry without strain.

  1. Purchase Quality Interior and Exterior Lighting

Lights are crucial when you want to keep your house modern and up to date. Old light fixtures will not only run up your energy bills, but they’re also old fashioned and passe.

First off, switch out as many of your lights to LED as possible. This will let you see a reduction in energy waste, and these lights will last much longer.

Add more lights to your property’s exterior so that you can spot potential intruders and make your home safer.

  1. Revamp Your Bathrooms with Modern Fixtures and Decorations

You need to improve your bathrooms so that your home is better for it. Take the time to install new toilets, showerheads, sink faucets, and other fixtures.

When your bathroom plumbing works optimally you’ll be less likely to deal with drips, leaks, and clogs. Installing low flow toilets and showerheads will help you to save more money on your water bills.

Keeping up with your utility bills is a huge responsibility for every homeowner, so making these changes can help.

You’ll note that homes listed with Stewart Realty LLC often feature immaculate bathrooms. The master bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most critical sales points.

Aside from the fixtures, take the time to also decorate your bathrooms so that they’re beautiful and comfortable.


Choose some colors that will make your bathroom inviting and warm. Install a new bathroom that allows more light inside so that you can enjoy the serenity that comes with the territory.

  1. Buy Ceiling Fans for Your Rooms

Take some time out to install ceiling fans in your home. Today’s ceiling fans are eco-friendly and can cool down your home less expensively than your HVAC system.

When you cut down on how frequently you use your air conditioner, your summer energy bills will plummet and save you lots of money.

  1. Beautiful Decks and Patios

Consider your exterior home structures as well. Installing a brand new deck and patio will give you somewhere to rest and relax on a sunny day.

Look into brick pavers, fine lumber, vinyl, and other materials to create the most beautiful deck or patio. This will provide a great place for you to grill out and enjoy yourself.

  1. Hot Tubs and Spas

Finally, you owe it to yourself to install some nice luxury items in your house, like hot tubs and spas. This will let you sweat away from the stresses of the day and can help you entertain company.

Invest in the help of a home contractor that can set you up with whatever kind of therapeutic fixtures will help you best.

Look For the Home Features That Matter the Most

These home features are just a few that will truly make your house stand out. These are some cool features that will take your home to new heights and add value.

We’ve got you covered when you’d like to learn more. Check back for more info on real estate and a host of other topics!

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