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4 Awesome TV Shows in Australia You Need to Watch

Did you know that Australians spend more than 65 hours each month watching television? It’s true!

This amount might seem like a lot, but between all of the incredible TV shows that are coming from the down under, it makes complete sense.

image - 4 Awesome TV Shows in Australia You Need to Watch
4 Awesome TV Shows in Australia You Need to Watch

If you’ve just finished binge-watching a TV show and you’re looking for your next fix, you have to check out this list of the best TV shows in Australia.

Keep reading this article to find out what they are and why they’re worth your time!

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  1. Normal People

Based on the bestselling novel by Sally Rooney, Normal People is a youth drama.

It’s getting a lot of attention in Australia as well as other places across the globe. It tells the story of two teens coming from two very different backgrounds and their emotional journey through life and (difficult) love.

The tender, heart-wrenching moments in Normal People make it binge-worthy for just about anyone. But if you’re into dramas, this should be the next show on your list.

  1. Better Call Saul

By now, we all know the story of Walter White and his druggy sidekick Jesse. We laughed and cried with the characters of Breaking Bad through all of the 5 seasons.

The good news is we don’t have to say goodbye just yet.

Better Call Saul is the deliciously dramatic spinoff that’s exploding among Australian viewers. Taking place six years before the rollercoaster that was Breaking Bad, this gripping series depicts the life of Saul Goodman and how he came to be.

  1. Run

Hungry for a comedic thriller? Run is capturing audiences with the story of two lovers who have distanced themselves for a while, only to meet up and embark on an American tour together to honor a pact.

With compelling twists, turns, and gut-wrenching laughs, Run is a must-see for those in Australia or anywhere else.

The best way to enjoy Run and any other TV show is with a quality connection that allows flawless streaming. To enjoy this, check out this local antenna installation service that offers high-quality antennas to Australian residents.

  1. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

We all remember hearing about Tiger King at the beginning of quarantine (and wondering what it was and why everyone was talking about it).

It turns out that if you passed it up, you’re missing out. Tiger King’s popularity exploded in Australia just as it did in other areas. And with a cooky cast of real-life characters, unbelievable incidents, and adorably dangerous big cats, what’s not to love?

Jump onto the bandwagon and give Tiger King a go. It’s guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Watch These Top TV Shows in Australia

Our to-be-watched lists are ever-growing, but sometimes you just have to add more.

Now that you’re aware of these top TV shows in Australia, your next binging night will consist of less scrolling and more enjoying. Happy watching!

Did you find the information in this article helpful? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our posts about all things entertainment.

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