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6 Surprising Movies and TV Shows That Need Basement Renovations ASAP

Basement renovations maybe something that’s not really new to you. In a similar manner, basements in movies and TV shows often need basement renovations because of some issue or damage.

However, there’s also a middle ground: basements that you may not have noticed really need a fix of some kind. Here are six of the most interesting movies and TV shows with basement issues.

image - How To Repair The Famous Basements Of Movies And TV

The IT Crowd

One ongoing joke in The IT Crowd is the fact that the basement office clearly has electrical problems. There are fires that pop up regularly in their office, and they spend time dealing with these fires not infrequently.

Of course, this should never happen in a well-kept office. Improving the wiring could probably fix it, something a basement repair expert could help with. Additionally, the team should probably install a smoke detector just in case it happens again in the future.

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There are, of course, many issues with Felix’s basement office — it’s the headquarters of a KKK movement in the area. However, one issue is less obvious than it sounds. It’s clearly dingy and damp, which means there’s probably mold in this basement office.

Mold remediation is a problem anyone should take seriously, regardless of what they’re using their basement for. It’s also a problem that you could probably fix if you had the right tools, like a dehumidifier and a perimeter drain.

That ’70s Show

The conceit of That ‘70s Show is that it’s a bunch of teens who hang out together in the 1970s. They tend to congregate in one of the cast members’ basement.

Because it’s the 1970s, that basement tends to get pretty smoky, which means it probably smells like smoke and could cause lung problems through secondhand smoke.

In both the TV show and the real world, it’s possible to clean the smoke out of a basement.

Whether you’re purchasing a home that previously had a smoker in the basement or you used to smoke in the basement yourself, a deep clean can remove that residue.

Wayne’s World

Technically, the problem in Wayne’s World isn’t because of anything that happened with the basement. However, it is something that these two could fix.

The problem is that on Fridays, Wayne and his friend Garth broadcast a Livestream of their performances, which causes sound issues with Wayne’s parents.

The good news is that this isn’t an unfixable problem. In fact, it’s something that Wayne and Garth could probably fix pretty easily with a skilled crew.

Getting a team of experts into the basement and soundproofing the area could help them broadcast their live shows with less frustration.


In Ozark, a main part of the early plot revolves around the main family moving to Missouri, a place pretty well-known for its humidity.

They share their home with the current tenant, a man named Buddy, who lives in the basement. Unfortunately, the humid basement exacerbates his terminal illness.

Buddy and the rest of the family clearly don’t know about basement repair specialists, or they may have called some in to fix the humid basement. With a dehumidifier and some waterproofing repairs, this family may have been able to prevent Buddy’s worsening condition.


One of the things Batman clearly prides himself on is his stellar grasp on aesthetics. His underground Batcave is a great example of that. He’s an aesthetic thinker, and he knows it. The problem is that those aesthetics don’t transfer well into foundation management.

The waterfall in the Batcave is definitely going to cause huge moisture problems; it could even lead to serious mold concerns. Plus, the bats are a pest problem. Batman would need to fix both of those to solve his basement issues.


If you need basement repairs, you shouldn’t wait. This is even true with basements that may not initially make you wonder whether there’s a basement repair issue.

As with many of the individuals in these movies and TV shows, you might have a problem you can fix and not even know it. It’s always best to talk to a basement repair specialist to learn more about your basement options.

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