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Some Helpful Points for Painting Weatherboard (Resene Painters)

You must know that the weatherboard is quite a common feature of pretty houses. Many are aware of the maintenance which weatherboards require.

If you are thinking of tackling the DIY project then now is a perfect time. Bear in mind that several processes are involved when painting a weatherboard.

image - Some Helpful Points for Painting Weatherboard (Resene Painters)
Weatherboard House

You have to prepare for the project like cutting the plants, removing the decorative items, and also tidying your place. Let’s dig into useful tips when painting a weatherboard.

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Take the Advice of Paint from Resene Painters

You need to choose the right paint. Be particular with the paint you choose as that is what is going to help you against the UV rays, humidity, and rain.

You need to choose the paint which will defend your place from harsh seasons and climate. If you have been selecting the paints then you might be aware by now that there are low sheen and semi-gloss paints.

If you will be going for low sheen paints then these paints are capable of hiding the surface imperfections. The more gloss you have in the paint, the more it will shine brighter in the sun.

Prepare the Surface

There are several things which you can do to prepare the surface or simply rely on resene painters. You should avoid the water blasting on weatherboards for they are capable of damaging the timber and pushing up water into the boards.

Now if you are questioning the best approach of preparing the surface, then clean the weatherboards with resene house wash.

There can be a possibility of your weatherboards being already stained. In that case, you can resort to the use of resene deck wash for cleaning the restaining.

For repainting the older weatherboard, you have to sand off old paint, grit, and dirt. Make sure to get rid of all impurities and make the surface smooth.

You will encounter several paints that will be self-priming which means you can apply them directly on the surface.

Bear in mind that working with dark timber requires a special primer so keep a check. The best approach is to consult with resene painters for more particularities.

Use a Separate Paint Pot

Next, you need to make use of a separate paint pot. If you will keep separate painting pots where the main pot will be different from the pot to which you will transfer the particles then your paint will stay in the best condition.

People should particularly follow this advice when they are saving up the paint for later, for touch-ups.

Tackle the Wall in Sections

For having a smooth finish with resene painters you need to grab the right brush. A good quality brush is vital for proper brush strokes.

Many people go with the wrong painting technique.

If you will go with the resene painters then you will see how they divide the walls into sections for smoother finish instead of going for one long stroking approach. You will not find vertical join marks between the sections once the paint dries.

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