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7 Great Advantages of Smart-Home Automation

Intelligent home automation is fast becoming an investment for many who want to create a marriage between their homes and innovative technology.

The convenience of having a home that thinks for you is a part of the future that is fast becoming a present-day reality.

image - 7 Great Advantages of Smart-Home Automation
7 Great Advantages of Smart-Home Automation

You might have seen the Hollywood version happen consecutively in the latest movies, but what if you could have all of that in your home today?

Smart Technology

If you have seen the advertisements but still wondered what it is, then this should plug you in on the latest in intelligent technology.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence has been reprogrammed to turn your entire home into a smart device.

By adding a specifically programmed chip into the electrical appliances in your home, you will be able to control the lights, doors, security, and even the climate in your home.

This state-of-the-art technology would make a very nifty party trick for anyone big on entertainment, and it will most certainly drive up the sales price for your home if you have ever considered selling it.

Smart technology is the connection between your home devices through the internet in your home that allows you to control the amenities by loading all its features onto an app.

It gives your home the ability to communicate with you through a smart device at your command or at the discretion of the house itself.

There are two different types of home automation, but this installation is based on budget and availability.

There are versions of this technology advertised to consumers as a “Do it yourself” device system, but if you intend for your home to be fully functioning as a smart home, then a professional needs to install all the programs for you.

You can select between having everything on your smart device where you will manually choose the features daily or choose guidelines to be programmed into the system where the programs will determine the quality based on your home’s current situation.

This programming would mean that the house can make technical decisions for itself when it comes to adjusting certain features like the lights, but on the upside could save you lots of money with your utilities.

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Seven Reasons Why You Would Love It

1. Perfect Temperature

Imagine living in a home where you are never bothered with the elements on the inside of your home. The temperature is always perfect, and you have a constant update on the inside when things start to change on the outside.

Having the air conditioning in your home connected to your smart device will make it easy for you to live in comfort every day.

If you prefer not to adjust the temperature yourself daily, you can set a perimeter guideline, and the system will set up the perfect temperature.

2. Great Lighting

We have all seen dimmers that naturally adjust according to a timer setting where the rooms’ lighting changes according to how you have programmed them.

If you prefer to have a lower light in the entertainment area at a particular time of night, you can have it programmed that way for an automated response from the system, or you can adjust it through the app through an app on your smartphone.

This method of controlling your home’s amenities also keeps the cost of your utilities lower because the lights adjusting themselves will be a way to ensure that lighting will stay on in places where there is no one in the room to use it.

3. Security

Monitoring what is happening in and around your home makes it much easier for you and your family to feel safe.

With a smart device, you can see what is happening in your home even if you are not in it. The system will notify you if anything is happening or inform the local authorities if you cannot get back to your home on time.

This feature is not only great when you are living in your home, but it’s also a great seller for Airbnb properties or if you intend to sell your home someday.

4. Automatic Doors

A safety feature that will never go out of style is the ability to have a cover automatically close off your swimming pool.

Many residents who have swimming pools and small children will enjoy this part of the programming. Along with the swimming pool, your garage doors and main entry doors can also be programmed to lock with a switch.

In the past, the closest thing we had to remote-controlled automation was the garage door that opened and closed without anyone needing you.

These days we can have all the doors programmed to lock and unlock without even touching them. All we need to do is let our homes know how and when we want them closed, and Bob’s your uncle.

Safety and security at the click of a button.

5. Lower Utilities

Saving money on your heating and water bills will be one of the features of intelligent home automation you will come to love if you have a large household with different expectations from each member.

Programming the pool to refill itself up to a certain point or lights to switch off once no one in the room can keep your electricity bills low.

You can incorporate solar panels into your programming and take it a step further so that the heating system in your home remains environmentally friendly as well.

6. You Can Monitor Your Home from The Palm of Your Hand.

If you decided to have intelligent home automation installed into your home, you would have the advantage of controlling everything that happens from the palm of your hand.

Even when you are not at home, you can check in to see if everything is ok. Many people lose their homes annually to fires or flooding because of burst pipes.

You can avoid that by getting a notification from your home when there is any kind of trouble around. If anyone tries to intrude, authorities will be alerted to arrive before you do, and you can prevent

7. Saving Money

All the features mentioned above will inevitably save you money. There is no additional internet charge when you have the home automation installed, and there is no extra cost in equipment as it will belong to you once you have had it installed.

There is no rental fee, no monitoring charges, and there is no maintenance. All you need to do is take a look at the options that will best suit you and your family’s needs and enjoy the convenience of a smart home.

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