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What Is the Difference Between Shutters and Plantation Shutters?

Many homes tend to look more finished and stylish when their owners trade-in curtains for blinds.

Blinds have a way of making the house look a little more sophisticated and convenient because the element of dust and dirt is replaced with an easy-to-clean blind.

image - What Is the Difference Between Shutters and Plantation Shutters
What Is the Difference Between Shutters and Plantation Shutters

If your windows are massive, then curtains can be even more inconvenient. You will need to have them professionally cleaned, and the task of taking them down and hanging them up can be tedious and strenuous.

More oversized windows with shutters are modern, but they give the aesthetics of the house an instant upgrade.

The only thing you would need to do is decide on the type of shutters that you want. Here is a look at the difference between plantation shutters and ordinary shutter:


Louvre refers to the slats and the frame of the shutters. The louvre can be adjusted into any window’s shape and can be made to fit the clients’ needs.

Aluminum, steel, wood, or glass can be used in their production, but they seem to last better in the metal or steel variant.

They are designed to keep out the sunlight and harsh rains but are accommodating with air and light. These blinds are a series of slats that are usually found on the exterior of a window.

Some cars have similar shutters on the surface of their rear windows or the quarter panel, which should indicate what they look like more or less.

They fit the frame of the window’s shape, and it’s sized depending on the window’s requirements.

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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters got their name from the Antebellum plantation era in the Southeast of America. In those times, the houses had the same style of wooden slats that keep them cool in summer and warmer in winter.

These shutters have fallen amongst the more popular choices for shutters in Worcester. They are vertical slats or louvers that are much bigger than blinds and fitted perfectly into the window frame to give you maximum privacy.

They give you a lot of control over the amount of light and fresh air you allow in and through the downward-facing louvers or slats.

If you live in an area where you get a lot of sunlight, and you would like to keep some of that warmth in your home, these shutters would be the best to help you to make that possible.

They can also benefit you in the opposite effect where they can keep your home cooler if you receive too much sunlight and prefer to keep it more relaxed.

Most blinds of this proportion would need to be installed by someone with professional experience to ensure that the shutter frame fits perfectly into the window’s perimeter.

Poor installation could lead to warping, cracks, and damage to the structure. You can decide on the look with double or singular shutters that can change your home’s look from contemporary to traditional.

They are highly durable and won’t change their shape or color. The Aluminium remains in the same condition as when installed, so it is essential to get a professional to recommend the best shutters for the windows in your house.

They are a permanent fixture and, unless stated in a contract with your lawyer and estate agent, form part of the house when you sell it.

The Aluminium plantation shutters also act as storm or hurricane shutters to keep out extreme weather and keep out the dust, so you have one more minor illness causing germ to worry about after having them installed.

Traditional Shutters

Colonial shutters, also known as traditional shutters, are initially from New England. Their design was for them to be used as insulation covers and, today, are used to decorate more Southern American style homes.

Any shutters can add elegance to your home. No matter how much you have spent on them, they are a lifetime investment.

What sets them apart from Plantation shutters is the size of the actual slats or louvers. The frames are much narrower than plantation shutters, and if they are being made with high-quality wood, they can be very complimentary regardless of the size.

Being much smaller makes them even more prone to mistake fits, so beware of ordering foreign blinds that might not fit into the frame of your window irrespective of your order.

If your home has smaller framed windows, then they will be a perfect fit. They fit any shape or size window, and although they give a similar look, the plantation shutters provide a neater finish.

Traditional shutters are originally made of wood but can now be found in the synthetic material blend.

Why Should You Invest in Shutters?

The need for curtain rods and railings is immediately illuminated when you invest in a shutter and replace the curtains.

They are neater and easier to clean, and there is no need for valances or expensive dry cleaning services. You get the maximum amount of privacy at all times, and you can control how much light you would like to let in without compromising the freshness that is being let into your home.

It is a once-off investment, and if you think about all the money you would spend on curtains and their maintenance, you would see how this is a much more significant benefit.

Another health benefit of the shutter is that they absorb 100% of the sun’s UV rays so that you won’t have any of them trapped in your home.

From a security aspect, they work brilliantly. Many have a pull-down lock inserted into the adjustment mechanism, so when you close your blinds, you can block them, leaving no room for anyone to pry their way through.

The wooden shutter is also significant outside from a decor aspect because they give the countryside house a gentle upgrade.

Many people travel and invest in seeing new places, and Airbnbs have become unique hotels.

Family and couples love staying in traditional-looking areas because it makes them feel nostalgic about the older modeled houses instead of apartments in the concrete jungle.

Shutters serve their purpose well, no matter what kind you invest in, but seek professional advice before you splurge on new window covers.

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