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No More Clutter: 6 Tool Storing and Organization Tips Every Homeowner Should Read

When you have tools, you want to have them organized. However, having your tools organized can be difficult when you use them and don’t have a system in place. You will need a place to store them and a system to keep them in order.

We are going to talk about six different storing and organization tips that will help you keep track of your tools.

image - No More Clutter - 6 Tool Storing and Organization Tips Every Homeowner Should Read
No More Clutter – 6 Tool Storing and Organization Tips Every Homeowner Should Read

Storing Tools

When you are storing your tools, you want to have them organized for you. If you feel like one way is better than the other, use the way you prefer. You should meet the three points when organizing your tools.

  1. Good Maintenance and Care
  2. Easy Access
  3. Efficient Use of Your Space

These things will allow you to have a great organized tool area. Keep in mind the best place to store tools is in the garage. If you do not have a garage you might want to build a pole buildings garage.

Read Also:

  1. Pegboard

This is something you will see in any workshop or garage. This is because it is easy to use and isn’t too bad. This system can be changed and customized to accommodate many different types of tools.

It will allow you to keep your most-used tools in the open so you can find them easier when you need them. If you organize this system well and buy a big enough board, it will help you work wonders.

  1. Containers

There are several different types of container systems that you can use. You can even use DIY container systems such as baby food jars. However, you need to find a system that works for you. You can DIY your containers or purchase some.

You should always use clear containers so that you can tell what is in the containers. It may also be a wise idea to label the containers so you know what is in them when you are looking for something specific.

  1. Drawers

This is one that will work if you are organized. You want to make sure that you are labeling your drawers so they do not become junk drawers. This will help you know where to put your items when you are done and find them easier.

  1. Toolboxes

These are portable drawers. These are very useful for storage when you can keep them organized. Remember, stuffing too much into your toolbox will only lead to clutter. You should limit what goes into the box and use it for primary items.

  1. Open Stand

This can be used to help you with the tools that you use often. It allows you to see what you need and quickly grab it. You can make or purchase an open stand.

  1. Shelves

You may want to use shelves if you have power tools or larger tools. You shouldn’t put small items on a shelf; however, larger items can be placed there. Larger tools are easier to organize and find when they are on shelves.


When you own a lot of tools you need somewhere to put them where you can find them. Having a system in place can help you determine where things need to be put away and where you can find them.

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