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7 Top Interior Trends to Change Your House for the Better

Are you bored of your house or apartment? Do you want to make some home upgrades, but you’re not sure what’s “in” right now?

While there’s nothing wrong with suiting your own style with older trends, it’s fun to freshen your space with interior trends that are popular right now. There are plenty of options to suit any aesthetic.

Read on for our favorite interior design trends in 2021.

image - 7 Top Interior Trends to Change Your House for the Better
7 Top Interior Trends to Change Your House for the Better

1. Vinyl Flooring

While hardwood floors are often the most desirable option, many people in 2021 are opting to trade their carpets for vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of styles. Whether you want something bright and bold or muted, you have options that will fit your aesthetic. But why choose vinyl?

Vinyl floors resemble wood floors, but they don’t have the same problems as wood floors. They don’t expand with water or humidity, they’re easier to clean, and they’re less fragile.

This makes vinyl a great option for interior flooring when you have pets or small children (or if you’re prone to spilling things).

Check out vinyl flooring (and other types of flooring) at Floor360.com for inspiration.

2. Plush Area Rugs

While area rugs have always been popular, many people are opting for plush and single-color rugs for their homes. These rugs often resemble fur or shag, making them comfortable and soft.

While white rugs are trending right now, they may not be the right choice if you have white floors, pets, or small children (or, again, you’re prone to spilling. Red wine is not great for these stylish rugs!).

Match your rug to your furniture to liven up your space.

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3. Divided Rooms

As more and more people are working with smaller spaces, like studio apartments, the trend of dividing up rooms is popular in 2021. This is one of the more creative and affordable home improvement projects that you can make, but it’s going to take a bit of trial and error.

The goal is to turn your room into “several rooms” without making any serious changes. You don’t have to put up new walls to make your space feel larger and more functional.

One of the easiest ways to divide your space is to use the aforementioned area rugs. Use rugs around your room and place your furniture accordingly to create separate living areas. For example, by placing a rug in front of the television with your couch facing it, you’ve created an obvious space.

You can do this with your dining area, reading nook, “office,” and any other space that you need.

You can also use curtains if you want to keep your room flowing despite the separate spaces. Use long curtains that can span the length of your wall. You can close the curtains when you want separate spaces and open them when you want your room to feel more cohesive.

As an added tip: consider adding multi-use furniture to your room. This way, you can use up less space while still keeping your home functional.

4. Window Films

Believe it or not, window films are in.

Window films come in plenty of varieties, so they’re suitable for every type of home. Some produce prisms on the walls and floors in front of them, while others have subtle styles and a “fogged glass” look.

While window films are great for the aesthetic of your home, they’re also functional.

They help block UV light, lower your electric bill by keeping your home cooler and prevent any passers-by from seeing inside your home. Bonus: this is another one of the cheapest home upgrades that you can do.

5. Work-From-Home Spaces

Are you one of the people that worked from home (or “went to school” from home) in 2020 and 2021? While many people are returning to the office, there are still plenty of businesses and universities that are still offering remote options.

Because of this, a good work-from-home space is essential and trendy in 2021.

You can create a work-from-home space even if you don’t have room for a designated “office” if you combine this tip with the “divided rooms” tip. Having your own separate space to work is the best way to stay productive.

Set up a desk, even if it has to be small, that’s comfortable enough for you to sit there all day. Remember, you want to emulate the true “work experience.”

Make sure that you have neat and tidy storage options, like filing cabinets and wall shelves. Consider putting up a few motivational posters and fun tchotchkes to make it feel like your own personal cubicle!

6. Bold Patterns

While bold patterns were once considered “tacky,” they’re stylish in 2021.

Many people are discovering the wonders of stick-on wallpaper. Wallpaper was once a pain to put on and take off, but in 2021, it’s easier than ever to make your room your own with a temporary (or not so temporary) pattern.

It’s also trendy to mix and match patterns in 2021 as long as you keep a consistent color scheme.

Not everyone is ready for a fully patterned home, and that’s okay. If you want to try out this trend without going overboard, consider picking one statement wall.

7. Antique Statement Pieces

Speaking of making a statement, antique statement pieces are popular in 2021.

Statement pieces should draw the eye. You want something unique that stands out while still fitting your home aesthetic.

The best way to get something that’s unique is to pick an item that’s vintage and no longer available at modern stores.

Head to your local thrift stores and hunt for something that suits your style. You may have to try several stores, but that’s part of the fun.

These Interior Trends are Fun and Stylish

If you want to keep your interior design trendy, try out one of these interior design tips! While you’re under no obligation to keep up with interior trends, they’re fun to try out to freshen your home.

Mix and match a few of these trends to make your home feel modern and fun.

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