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Top 4 Nintendo 64 ROMS to Download This Season

Nintendo is probably the most well-known name for video games. The gaming company entered the Nintendo Entertainment System console industry in 1983 and has continued to innovate on the latest console, the Nintendo Switch, released in 2016.

However, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64 in 1996, altogether redefining video games.

If the kids didn’t own the Nintendo N64 ROMS, they knew who had it. With less than 33 million units sold worldwide from 1996 to 2001, the N64 is one of the most recognized consoles on the planet.

image - Top 4 Nintendo 64 ROMS to Download This Season
Top 4 Nintendo 64 ROMS to Download This Season

Impressive games such as “Mario Kart 64”, “GoldenEye 007” and “The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time)” have a place in console history.

According to the aggregation site Metacritique Review, we’ve rounded up our top 4 list of the best N64 games.

This site is used to determine the best game of consensus if Nintendo must provide an average overall score of all available reviews of the game.

Here is a list of the top 4 best N64 games and what critics say about them.

1. The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time)

“Boy Link belongs to King Ganondorf of Gerudo Thieves. Evil humans use Link to access sacred territories and apply Triforce-contaminated hands to turn beautiful Hyrule landscapes into barren wastelands.

Link decides to solve the problem he has caused, so with the help of Rauru, he will travel time to gather the power of the Seven Sages. “

Review (from IGN): “When the final version of Zelda 64 arrived at the IGN64 office, we stopped working and played 17 hours of continuous games in a room with a big-screen TV and a surround system. We slept for a few hours.

I couldn’t stop until I came back and completed the game. Then I restarted to find all the secrets. “

2. GoldenEye 007

“You are Bond. James Bond, you assign the Golden Eye Ordnance satellite-related covert operations.

M Describe your mission and purpose in London. The Q Point supports your efforts in an abundance of weapons and gadgets.

Moneypenny offers you the best wishes with a light heart, and you are off! Your mission begins at a well-protected chemical weapons war facility at the Soviet Bello Forest Dam.

You can view and shoot in several directions while navigating through 12 interactive 3D environments.

Use force in secret as it seems to be suitable for international security issues. Think of a soldier as a consumable item. You got permission to kill!

Review (provided by IGN): “This game is great in single-player mode and both in multiplayer mode as it opens new weapons every time the difficulty level (easy difficulty cougar magnum) is cleared.

” Great in mode, make the best multiplayer game on the system. In fact, ‘GoldenEye 007’ is the best single-player first-person game on any system, and I can say with a conscience.

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3. Super Mario 64

Mario is the main character in a whole new way! Combining the best 3D graphics ever developed for video games with an explosive soundtrack, “Super Mario 64” is the new standard.

It is full of yoke fights, challenging obstacle courses, and underwater adventures.

Reclaim the power star in a hidden place and stand up against your adversary – King of Soup! “

Review (from Game Revolution):” I’ve come to see more creative and impressive world designs, but no games of this kind yet.

It offers very sharp 3D graphics, excellent texture mapping, lack of pixilation, and a frame refresh rate to make your PC look like a toy. “

4. Paper Mario

“Mario is with friends in a whole new action-adventure! Mario is back on his first adventure after Super Mario 64′, this time Bowser is dedicated to preventing the ending of the storybook. Princess Peach kidnaps. Mario plans to rescue him once he’s done.

Remove the cruel flock of Seven Star Spirits and the Mushroom Kingdom of Koopa.

He’s seven during a trip to Shiver Mountain’s Cold Announcement in the tropical jungle of Lava-lava Island.

It’s about meeting a completely new companion. Without the help of each, you’ll never be happy.

The game comes with great graphics, great sound, and solid gameplay. “Paper Mario” is a high-quality game in all respects.

Combining sprite-based graphics with classic Mario gameplay, this game is a must-have for all Mario enthusiasts, and the simplified RPG system makes this game, not an RPG fan and a fan. It will be a fantastic game for all. “


In conclusion, if you love playing old-school racing, then super Mario will be best suited for you; however, if adventure is your thing, you should try Legend of Zelda.

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