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Top Reasons You’ll Want a Roofer for Your Next Project

At some point, everyone will need a roofer. Whether it’s for a small project or a complete overhaul, the benefits of hiring a professional to do this type of work are many.

However, there are also important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right company for your needs.

In this post, we will discuss these considerations and provide you with an overview of what is involved in each type of job that is most common today.

image - Top Reasons You'll Want a Roofer for Your Next Project
Top Reasons You’ll Want a Roofer for Your Next Project

A Roofer Will Help You Determine the Best Materials to Use For Your Project

Even if you have a great idea of what kind of roof you want or what your budget is, it’s important to let the roofer take over when it comes to the actual materials.

If you haven’t worked with asphalt shingles before, they can seem a little intimidating.

But working with a contractor will help relieve some of the stress and ensure that you get exactly what is necessary for your home or building.

The roofer can also help you determine which colors, shapes, and sizes will best suit your needs and installation requirements.

A Roofer Will Save You Time

Any homeowner knows how much goes into their workday. Even if it’s a simple job like cleaning gutters or mowing the lawn, something else has to give.

When choosing to work with a professional instead of tackling the job yourself, make sure you keep in mind everything they do throughout the process not just how long it takes compared to doing it yourself.

For example, if the shingles need to be removed before replacing them because they’re damaged, this will take more time than simply putting new shingles on top of the old ones.

And if the roofer has to bring more people with them because it’s a bigger job, then that will also mean additional time.

A Roofer Can Help You Avoid Injury or Death from Falls

Roofers work at great heights sometimes up to ten stories in the air! This makes falls one of their biggest safety concerns, and why they are required by law to wear proper protective gear on every rooftop they enter.

It is estimated that over half of all injuries suffered on the job happen during fall protection incidents.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents result in fatalities. Because falling from such a height could traumatize anyone and result in an injury that leaves you with a lifetime of medical problems, it’s best to leave the hard work to the professionals.

A Roofer Will Help You Save Money

Determining which types of materials are most cost-effective is only one aspect of keeping your project on budget.

There are many other factors involved, too, such as how long it takes to complete the job and what kind of labor costs are involved (and for how long).

When there is more than one option available, prices can vary greatly. That’s why working with a professional can really help you save lots of cash instead of trying to think about all these things on your own.

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A Roofer Will Take Care with Existing Landscaping

While a roofer can do some damage to existing landscaping when they’re working on your home, they will also take extra care so that the impact is as minimal as possible.

This means that they may wait until certain plants have died before starting to work or trim around them instead of cutting them down completely.

They might even use protection such as dampeners and tarps depending on what kind of vegetation is nearby and how exposed it might be to their tools.

A Roofer Will Provide Up-Front Pricing

Many homeowners struggle with understanding all the different parts of roofing projects, especially ones that are complicated.

For example, when it comes time for gutter installation, most people aren’t sure what size to get and where to install them. The same goes for skylights, chimneys, dormers, or any other rooftop add-ons.

It isn’t just about the materials and labor costs involved; it also has to do with how long the project might take and the number of people that will be needed to complete it.

So when you can get all these things figured out ahead of time before getting started on your roofing project, it will help save lots of headaches later on.

A Roofer Will Ensure a Solid Structure for Decades

Roofs tend to deteriorate over time because they are exposed to sun, rain, snow, wind, and all kinds of unpredictable weather elements that cause and tear.

For this reason, roofs typically last about 20 years. That’s why so many roofers recommend that homeowners get a new roof every decade or two because it means the structure will be high-quality and secure during severe weather.

A Roofer Can Help You Add Value to Your Home

Not only will a good house roof protect your family from all kinds of disasters, it will also keep everyone comfortable (and perhaps save on energy bills) while keeping out the elements.

Having a well-maintained, efficient house is worth quite a bit for resale purposes as well.

In fact, one estimate says that a typical home with updates like these could sell for 10% more than one without.

A Roofer Can Double as an Interior Designer

If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars on your new or existing roof, it can be the perfect opportunity to add some modern style elements that will help make it stand out against other homes in the neighborhood.

For example, you might try out a fancier shingle (such as Spanish tiles), lots of bright colors and designs, or even something creative like solar panels.

Whatever your heart desires, chances are good that there is someone who can turn the job into more than just simple construction work.

A Roofer Will Meet Building Codes for Safety

There are all kinds of laws and regulations being set by different governments around the world regarding how houses should be built, maintained, and repaired.

For example, most areas have laws about the number of smoke detectors that should be installed and where they should be located.

That means if you’re getting a roofer to install your new ones, they will likely know exactly what is expected by law so you don’t get in trouble with local authorities later on.

A Roofer Has Extensive Training and Experience

Many professionals are required to go through lots of steps before they receive their certifications, degrees, or other recognition of their skills.

For instance, most roofers will first have to complete an apprenticeship or serve as an assistant for several years before learning all the different facets of this work.

Beyond technical knowledge, though, many will also spend time working on actual construction sites to get real, hands-on experience before they’re considered even close to being ready for the big time.

A Roofer Will Adapt Quickly to Emergencies

Even though most people might not think about it on a regular basis, everyone knows that every house needs one.

When you need one, you want someone who can handle all kinds of situations and still get the work done properly.

For example, roofs are often damaged by extreme winds or hail (which can be quite damaging), wildfires (which might need special materials), and even things like broken skylights or leaks in the ceiling.

Because these problems require quick action, your contractor must have employees who can arrive as soon as possible so repairs aren’t left undone for days or weeks at a time.

A Roofer Can Use Materials That are Environmentally-Friendly

Of course, it’s also important to make sure you’re getting a product that is sustainable, free of toxins and chemicals, energy-efficient, recyclable, and friendly towards the environment as well.

Some contractors will focus on these kinds of products when they build new structures (such as homes), while others might just add them onto existing roofs during repairs.

Either way, it means you won’t have to worry about negative side effects from your roof for decades to come.

A Roofer Knows How to Keep Customers for Life

One of the best ways for businesses to become successful is to hire people truly interested in their client’s satisfaction.

For example, many contractors will offer a warranty that guarantees these kinds of repairs and materials for several years after the first payment is made.

That means if someone has problems with their roof again, later on, they can come to you rather than some other service provider because you have earned their loyalty over time.

A Roofer Will Quickly Fix All Issues

Finally, it’s important to find a company offering high-quality products at fair prices, as well as services that are quick and efficient.

Most companies realize that if a job isn’t done properly the first time around, they don’t have a customer for the life they have an unhappy customer who tells everyone they know about how awful it was to deal with them.

That’s why most will do their best to provide these things as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, so they can make you happy instead of sad.