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The Ways a Stairlift Can Make Your Life Easier

Do I need a stairlift? If the answer is near yes, then the chances are you are ready to have a stairlift installed at your home.

stair chair lift is a necessity when you have someone that can’t use the normal stairs.

Mobility issues will affect most of us as we get on in life towards our later years when we are playing the back nine, and although we do not want to admit that the fact is that stairlifts can make your life a whole lot easier so let’s look at how and why they can do that for you.

The biggest way a stairlift can help you is by making it safer for you to travel about your home.

Accidents on stairs account for 60% of deaths in elderly people within their homes and over 1000 people in the UK will die each year due to having an accident on the stairs.

A stairlift ensures that you or your loved one will not become involved in those statistics.

Each Stannah stairlift has multiple safety systems built into it so you can move between floors easily and safely.

image - The Ways a Stairlift Can Make Your Life Easier
The Ways a Stairlift Can Make Your Life Easier

The next reason you should have a stairlift installed is that it allows you to stay in your current home.

Moving home because of mobility issues can be so expensive, the cost of a bungalow is astronomical compared to houses, the cost per square foot almost doubles because of the demand outstripping the supply so you could spend tens of thousands of pounds to move to a much smaller property.

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Another reason for having a stairlift installed is you may have to move much further away from loved ones or carers and from the house and area you love.

By installing a stairlift you can stay in your forever home. Restoring your independence can have massive bonuses especially by raising your confidence and self-esteem, by installing a stairlift you can use your entire house as you see fit.

Some stairlift suppliers, like Affordable Mobility, a leading supplier of Stairlifts in Northwich, can even rent you a stairlift to try out so that you can make an informed decision before you make the outlay of purchasing one.

Installation can be completed at a small cost and then you can keep the rental stairlift for as long as you need.

Stairlifts are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and an expert stairlift installer in your area will be able to put together a no-obligation quotation specifically for your home in no time.

With stairlifts coming either as straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, half and quarter landing stairlifts as well as spiral stairlifts for those trickier arrangements, there will no doubt be one that suits you and your home perfectly.

Stairlifts are built to last too, if you have a stairlift service plan which means you get a yearly service and safety check then they should last at least 20 years, which when you think they are in operation at least twice per day, is a lot of movement.

There should not be any reason to have to replace a stairlift due to wear out or major mechanical problems so you can buy with confidence.

You can even look at purchasing a fully reconditioned stairlift which will save you some money but also come with good guarantees if you buy from an experienced supplier.

So, in summary, you should get a stairlift to help your mobility, prevent any accidents on the stairs in your home, regain some lost confidence and be able to stay in your home and without having to move to a smaller property on one floor. Thanks for reading about why you should buy a stairlift.

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