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Get a Classic Stair Design for Your Home – The Types to Choose From

Most homeowners want their home decor to be distinctive and appealing! They want their friends and relatives to drool over their new home decor and come up with the best compliments.

And for this, most of them often get obsessed with wall paints, furniture, interior decor items, and many more.

Rarely do homeowners consider their stairs, which are one of the essential parts of a house? The idea of planning an appealing staircase takes a backseat.

However, when you plan it correctly, a staircase can add the much-required spark and gravitas to your home decor.

image - Get a Classic Stair Design for Your Home – The Types to Choose From
Get a Classic Stair Design for Your Home – The Types to Choose From

Are you planning to give your house decor a facelift? If yes, then you can try to work on the stairs.

Alternatively, if you are planning to invest in a new home, you can design your stairs taking inspiration from the following choices.

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1. The L-shaped Stairs

It is one of the best and classic styles to opt-in for! The design ensures that the stairs have a 90-degree turn at a specific point.

And after the landing, it can either move right or left. To know more about it, you can check out custom stairs Atlanta service providers.

2. The U-shaped Stairs

Do you take the stairs daily at your office? If yes, then you are aware of this style. The bend here is slightly more than the previous design. And once the stairs land, it distinguishes the two parallel flights.

3. The winder Stairs

This staircase design is slightly more complicated than other models! Here the winders are wide as compared to the other side. And it occupies the landing space to save ample space.

4. The Bifurcated Staircase

If you want something grand for your house, you can opt in for this staircase design! It gets termed as the classic Titanic staircase design.

The stairs here come sweeping and then gets divided in small flights, that move towards two opposite direction.

5. Spiral Staircase

This staircase comes with a compact design and has a pole right at the center. Hence, if you ever look at this staircase design from the top, it will appear like a circle.

However, homeowners need to consider the fact that spiral stairs come with a narrow tread, which makes movement challenging. You can customize the stairs in a way that traversing becomes easier and risk-free.

6. The Curved Staircase

This staircase design comes with no landings, as we’ve seen in the L-shaped or winder staircases. The stair design here is ongoing and is follows the banister bend, which eventually gets highlighted as a fantastic architectural statement.

These are some of the best designs that you can choose from! It is essential to get in touch with your interior decor designer and a constructor to ensure whether your house can withstand the new staircase installation.

Ensure that the design adds beauty and compliments your existing home decor aesthetics. The price will vary from one service provider to the other. Hence, it is always better to say yes to a service provider that caters both to your design preference and budget capacity.

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