You’ve invested in a commercial building for your business. You know that you have to maintain it to keep it working well and looking good, but sometimes the job seems overwhelming. It’s time to get organized!

This post will offer some great tips on how you can maintain your commercial building with minimal stress or hassle.

image - Top Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Building

Top Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Building

1. Keep Up with Repairs

Repairs are a critical component of maintaining your commercial building.

Put in the time to make sure that all issues with plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical wiring, or any structural components get addressed as soon as they arise.

If you wait for something major like an earthquake before getting anything fixed it will be too late.

Also, if there is something wrong with an outdoor light fixture or if a window needs replacing, get it fixed as soon as possible, and try to fix things before they break completely.

Waiting until these small problems become major issues will cost more money in the long run.

Fortunately, you can find qualified professionals like who are capable of handling everything from smaller tasks to more complex repairs on your property.

They’ll give you advice and find someone who can do what needs doing promptly at competitive rates.

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2. Do an Energy Consumption Audit

Auditing your energy consumption is the first step on a long path to cutting down.

Get in touch with an expert for help and they’ll lead you through some of their most popular audits such as greenhouse gas emissions analysis.

This audit will give you data about how much CO² is being emitted from your building’s operations per hour or day.

It also provides useful information such as what hours are busiest, and which parts of the property generate higher amounts of greenhouse gases.

This can be used to create operational plans that minimize emissions while still meeting efficiency goals.

There’s also a variety of other energy audits you could conduct such as checking voltage levels throughout an electric meter concerning alternating current (AC) power sources; measuring kilowatt-hour consumption rates from time clocks at key work areas within buildings like manufacturing plants; reading gas meters so they’re calibrated correctly, and inspecting fan blades on AC units.

3. Control Pests

Many commercial buildings have pests that can be a major nuisance to employees. Rodents, such as mice and rats, are the most common pest in these settings.

They go by many names like droppings or “sour-cough.” A mouse can leave up to 50 droppings an hour.

For this reason alone you must stay on top of your rodent control program with monthly inspections for signs of live animals and feces.

Some professionals can offer you both interior and exterior services including installation and removal of traps if desired.

They can also help you to implement preventative measures through regularly scheduled visits which may include baiting stations along baseboards and other areas where rodents are commonly seen.

A good rodent control program will ensure that your commercial building stays safe and pest-free.

The Bottom Line

There is no “right” way to maintain a commercial building. Ultimately, it boils down to what your needs are for the individual property.

You can work with an HVAC contractor and an Architectural Consultant like or you may want to take a DIY approach; whichever suits you best will depend on where that particular truth lies.