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Trending Designs for Veneers That Can Give a Classic Look to Your Home

Does your kitchen look outdated? Is the chipped paint around your house bothering you? Maybe, you are wracking your brains to hide the leaky stains on your walls conspicuously? Veneers could be the solution for all, from sprucing up your space to a modern vibe to providing domestic damage control.

Wood and stone veneer trends are popular in the hotel design industry. Veneers have come a long way from being considered inferior to solid woodwork and stonecraft to chic, versatile, durable, and cost-effective.

Now, they are known for their exotic and high-end look. With the increased range of materials available for construction, people have also recognized the need to surround themselves with eco-friendly and sustainable goods, thereby making veneers the top choice for a homey, dazzling revamp of their surroundings.

image - Trending Designs for Veneers That Can Give a Classic Look to Your Home
Trending Designs for Veneers That Can Give a Classic Look to Your Home

What are Veneers?

Your google search could potentially end up in a list of dental veneers (porcelain tooth caps) initially.

So, we shall save you the hassle. Veneers used for decorative purposes in housing and construction are famous for two materials: wood or stone.

Stone Veneers

The idea of stone veneering has been in vogue since the Roman Empire! Any naturally occurring rock or stone is chafed to thin layers and used as decorative surface material.

These are not meant for bearing load but are ideal for vertical and horizontal surfaces and their aesthetics.

Stone veneers come in various shades, patterns, and hues- owing to their natural geological formation. Thus, preserving their essence and exquisite nature.

How Can Stone Veneer Make Your Place Trendy?

Stone veneers are a budget-friendly way to create a mirage of stone walls with tiles, instead of bricks or concrete slab- on the interior and exterior of your house, office, or building.

We’ve got few ideas to add a little oomph and structure to that drab-looking place of yours.

  • Covering the exterior walls to give a cottage core look with white picket fences- Bilbo Baggins’s style.
  • Give your fireplace a rustic makeover of the 90s’.
  • Add them to interior accent walls, beams, and columns for a more earthy tone to your living room.
  • Pick out trendy stone veneers for your step stones, pool, or barbeque area.

Are you ready to hop on the bandwagon? You can start by searching online for affordable custom stone veneers near me and select through a pool of options.

According to the vibe you opt for, there are endless, viable patterns of stone veneers to choose from. Let’s look into the trendiest layouts at the moment.

  • Cube Pattern

Reviving back to ancient times, rocks cut into geometrical cubes were stacked on each other and coated in mud to create sturdy, load-bearing columns for fortresses. This simulated pattern will take you back in history.

  • Mosaic Pattern

Different stones are cut and arranged in a randomized pattern to give character to your place.

  • Streaked Brick Patterns

Stones with darker hues often have white or grey striations and give your garden area more definition and beauty.

  • Rugged Stone Cast

This has got to be the trendiest of all trends. It is an assimilation of jagged pieces, broken edges, and roughened surfaces to enhance the wild, rustic beauty of your housing exterior.

Read more about these trends here and have your pick!

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Wood Veneers

The use of wood in furnishings has been a trend forever. Wood veneers are paper-thin slices of expensive exotic wood applied to either end of a strong core of inexpensive material. Similar to stone veneer, these wooden titles are cheap and sustainable.

Every slice of the wooden log brings out a different pattern and spread. This ingenuity is why interior designers prefer working with wood veneers- as it can give a highly unique and customized look for their clients.

Wood veneers give a classy and sophisticated touch to your living space. It is even more versatile in its designs and patterns- from natural artistic collections to customized engineered designs.

We’ve picked up the trendiest wood veneer ideas just for you.

  • Natural Patterns

These include warm, rich wooden panels to give effortless sophistication to your living space.

  • Teak Patterns

It gives a unique combination of style and durability. The teak collection is low maintenance and ideal for surface covering for a contemporary look.

  • Engineered Patterns

Gives a highly sophisticated customized pattern produced using innovative technology for an exquisite premium outlook.

Get more insights and recommendations on the latest trends here.

5 Ways to Amp-up Your Place with Wood Veneers

  • Make your living space or office look luxurious- upgrade by bringing life to your furniture, including tables, cabinets, wardrobes that look attractive and appealing.
  • Use darker wood veneers for accents for an elegant and rich vibe, while cool-toned pastels for a homey contemporary ambiance.
  • Create warm and welcoming aesthetics by using wooden veneer doors. They provide additional strength and longevity to the doors while also adding a dash of cozy appeal.
  • Let your floors pop- add some flare to your furniture and enhance their look by wooden veneer paneling with a glossy finish.
  • Give your kitchen a modern industrial overhaul with cool grey cabinets, granite countertops, and practical yet dapper storage space.

Wrap it Up in Style!

Veneers are the most budget-friendly way to give your space a makeover that is glamorous, sophisticated, and luxurious all at once.

It not only adds heart and drama but brings benefits to the environment. So, wrap yourself in serenity by making the veneer choice!

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