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Types of DIY Termite Control Methods in Malaysia

Termites are a monstrous problem in Malaysia. The infestation can be very hard to spot and can cause extensive property damage because of the way termites tunnel through wood.

It is important that you have an idea of DIY Termite Control Methods in Malaysia – Pros and Cons before attempting any type of control method on your own.

image- Types of DIY Termite Control Methods in Malaysia
Types of DIY Termite Control Methods in Malaysia

This article will provide information about DIY Termite Control Methods, as well as pros and cons for each type of control method so that you know what to do if you suspect there might be a termite infestation at home or work!

Use Repellent Termiticide

It is important to use a repellent termite termiticide on wood structures that are deemed safe and will not be subject to any type of damage.

The chemicals in this type of treatment can be applied both outside the structure and inside, depending on what is most feasible for you or your business.

While it may take some time before you notice any termite activity, the repellent termiticide should be used once a year for it to work effectively.

The pros of this type of treatment are that no excavation is necessary and there will not be any structural damage to your home or business as long as you use safe materials.

The cons include the fact that termites may still get into your home or business, just not as quickly.

According to Empire Pest Control, a top termite control provider from Malaysia, this form of termite control may be the cheapest method you can DIY, but it won’t provide a long-term solution.

Heat Can Also Kill Termites

You can use heat as a means of DIY Termite Control. This can be achieved by using heat lamps or heating rods to destroy the termites’ nests and kill them because they cannot survive in warm environments.

Besides that, it is also a good idea to use heat as the first step in DIY Termite Control methods. The termites would be driven out of their nest and will not have time to rebuild it before you can take further steps like pesticides or other chemical treatments.

You should also consider using a space heater on the ground near your house, next to the area where you suspect the termite nest to be.

A great tip you can use is to place a lamp or two inside your house and make sure that there is no possible way for the termites to get in.

You can also use these lamps as a precautionary measure if you know that there are some termite nests near your home. This is because the lamps will make the temperature inside your house rise, which is unfavorable for termites.

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Use Termite Bait Stations

You can use termite bait stations as DIY Termite Control methods. This is because it can be very difficult to find all of the termite nests and destroy them.

Termite bait stations are designed so that they can be installed in various places around your house, including near but not on a structure like an exterior wall or fence post.

The way termite bait stations works are by using a substance that the termites like but doesn’t harm humans or pets.

These stations typically use bait (either pre-packaged or as an additive to another product) such as molasses, corn syrup, and honey.

The type of bait used is dependent on what species you are dealing with and where they live in your home.

The number of stations you will need to use depends on the extent and type of termite infestation. You can decide this based on the number of termite nests you have and where they are located.

If possible, it is best to place stations in areas that haven’t yet been infested. This includes garages or anywhere outside your home. You can also put them along any exterior wall if you notice a lot of moisture damage.


There are many DIY methods for controlling termites. We’ve listed some of the above, and we hope you find the one that best suits your needs. If not, you can always hire a pest control company in Malaysia.

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