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Types of Fire Protection Equipment to Choose From

Various types of fire safety equipment are available in the market. It can get quite confusing when it comes to figuring out which of the fire safety devices you should be investing in.

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Types of Fire Protection Equipment to Choose From

A lot depends on the size of your building and your budget when it comes to choosing the right fire protection equipment. However, here is a range of equipment you can check out before deciding on which one to buy and install in your building:

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  1. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can help in containing small fires before they can spread and cause too much damage to your property. You can find a range of portable fire extinguishers with different extinguishing agents to combat flame.

The substances in these extinguishers may include water, foam, CO2, dry powder, or wet chemical. You can choose one depending on the type of fire your building is susceptible to.

  1. Fire Blankets

Class F fires caused by cooking oils and fats can be smothered using fire blankets. You can get these fire blankets installed in your kitchen to control fires before they spread.

In case of a fire, you have to pull down the fire blanket, place it over the fire, and leave it for about 15 minutes. Make sure you have turned off heat sources like stoves if any.

  1. Fire Hose Reels

Fires that are fueled by wood, rubber, paper, and various other non-conductive materials can be extinguished through fire hose reels.

To operate one of these you need to break the anti-tamper seal, turn on the water supply, run the hose up to the required distance, and then direct the water stream at the base of the fire.

However, as these fire hose reels discharge water, you cannot use them to combat electrical fires. C02 fire extinguishers are best for electrical fires.

  1. Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are generally used in factories and large commercial buildings to combat fire and prevent damage.

You can choose from wet pipe fire sprinkler systems, dry pipe fire sprinkler systems, foam fire sprinkler systems, pre-action fire sprinkler systems, and deluge fire sprinkler systems depending upon your budget and the kind of fire your building is susceptible to.

  1. Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarm systems are designed to detect smoke either optically or through ionization. You can install individual smoke alarms in the different rooms of your building and connect them all to a single control panel. You can also integrate a smoke alarm system with your existing security system for better protection from fire.

Smoke alarms can also be integrated with a number of smart fire protection accessories including audio appliances, automatic door closing devices, as well as automatic fire ventilation devices. Abv provides many such accessories.

Apart from installing fire protection equipment, it is also important to maintain them regularly to make sure they serve the purpose for which they were purchased. Make sure you train your employees on how to operate and monitor the fire protection equipment so that the right action can be taken during an emergency.

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