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Unusual Ways Your Home’s Design Could Affect Your Wellbeing

The design and layout of your home are deeply personal and designed to reflect your individual sense of style.

However, there is a range of ways that the design of your home could be affecting your mental and physical wellbeing.

image - Unusual Ways Your Home's Design Could Affect Your Wellbeing
Unusual Ways Your Home’s Design Could Affect Your Wellbeing

Read on to find out more about the design choices in your sanctuary that could be causing you harm and how you can change this to make your home a peaceful space where you can relax and rejuvenate.

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Houseplants Can Be Toxic

It’s lovely to include some nature in your home, but not all houseplants are as innocent as they look. Some common houseplants can cause skin rashes and other issues, and while many of the side effects are minor, they can combine with other health problems to leave you feeling very unwell and lethargic.

What You Can Do About This

Remove any houseplants that are causing you health problems and place them in your garden, if you have one, or in a window box if you don’t. Use thick gardening gloves when handling them so that your hands don’t get irritated.

There Isn’t Enough Natural Light

Natural light is important for your health, as it provides vital vitamins and minerals, as well as improving your mood and reducing your chances of feeling tired and unmotivated.

What You Can Do About This

If your house does not have enough windows, then review the structure to see if these can be incorporated into its design.

Some houses cannot have more windows added, for example, those that are located underground or in areas where light can’t penetrate. In this case, try using a sunlight lamp to improve your mood and give your home a light, airy atmosphere.

You Don’t Feel At Home In Your Space

Your home needs to feel like your own unique space, and if you don’t feel that way about your property then you’ll become disconnected and unable to rest properly. This could lead to poor, unfulfilling sleep and a bad mood.

What You Can Do About This

To rectify this, you need to make your mark on your home and make it feel more like a reflection of your personal tastes and style. Read this guide to home design to find out more about how you can make your house a home you’ll love.

Hidden Dirt Can Cause Allergies

Keeping your home clean and tidy is a must for all responsible adults, but sometimes there are hidden places where dirt and grime can lurk, and this can cause allergies, skin irritation and even breathing difficulties.

What You Can Do About This

Deep clean your home once every few months and be aware of the places where dirt can hide, like behind fixtures and fittings and up in high places that you can’t usually reach.

This will ensure that you aren’t exposed to any pathogens that will cause you harm and keep your home feeling fresh and airy. Try to reduce the number of places that dirt can hide by incorporating low furniture and easy to clean fixtures into your space.

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