Excerpt: While many industries have suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic, the construction sector is set to emerge stronger than ever.

The coronavirus’ devastating effects have caused many businesses to lay off workers, slow production, and shut their doors — temporarily or permanently.

There have been few industries left unscathed, but the construction sector is one of them.

Due to the nature of construction work and the high priority level of major construction projects, the industry has carried on during the pandemic.

image - US Standard Products Why the Construction Sector Is Thriving During Covid-19

US Standard Products Why the Construction Sector Is Thriving During Covid-19

Not being able to socially distance is a crucial reason why offices, stores, and other workplaces have had to shut down for so long.

Construction projects have been able to continue in large part because the majority of work is done outdoors with workers at a distance from each other.

While there is no 100% protection against Covid-19 besides staying at home all the time, construction workers are able to do their job with little physical interaction with others.

In addition, many construction projects are of high importance, which has kept the industry going.

For example, the replacement of old lead pipes commissioned by a city council is not something that should be postponed.

For the health and safety of citizens, projects like this happen as they are needed.

Of course, the construction industry is taking necessary precautions to keep their workers as safe as possible.

US Standard’s Covid-19 protocols have a lot to do with proper cleaning. To protect the health of workers during this period, US Standard Products has a range of industrial-strength cleaning products to sanitize any surface, including metals, glass, floors, walls, concrete, plastics, and equipment.

The concentrated formulas of US Standard construction industry cleaners can be used safely on all machinery and equipment, preventing the spread of disease.

US Standard’s construction safety emphasis is one of the reasons they remain leaders in the field.

However, the US Standard’s safety rules are coming in more handy now than ever.

US Standard construction safety equipment also includes PPE (personal protective equipment) like safety glasses and disposable gloves as well as a range of day-to-day construction supplies.

From duct tape to marking paint, construction workers can find the products they need to safely and efficiently do their jobs.

US Standard construction safety equipment also includes green cleaners that have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing to meet an internal Safer and Superior New Product Standard.

“US Standard Products cares about the health and safety of construction workers, which is why all of the products available are made with high-quality formulas that are also cost-efficient.

All of our premium products are designed to make difficult jobs easier by maximizing product performance and minimizing effort,” says a spokesperson for US Standard Products.

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