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What Are the Various Types of Blocked Drains?

A building cannot function without drainage system as they are very essential to remove the wastes and contaminated water from the building. Blocked drains will give a major headache when we failed to figure out a way to remove the block.

Drains are one of the important modes to remove wastes from a building. The block formed should be removed as soon as possible. If the flow of the drain is blocked, then the wastewater will become a stagnant pool which will lead to many water-borne diseases and infections.

What Are the Various Types of Blocked Drains?

What Are the Various Types of Blocked Drains?

Types of Blocks

The blocked drains are reasons for many diseases and they act as a platform for many parasites and living organisms to reproduce and spread diseases. The blocked drain can be formed because of many factors. Some of the major areas where the block occurs are the kitchen, bathroom and also due to bathtubs and others. The blocks occur due to various reasons in the above-mentioned areas.

What Are the Various Types of Blocked Drains?

The types of blocked drains are as follows:

  • Stormwater drain block
  • Soil drains block
  • Sewers block
  1. Storm Water Drain Block

The block occurs in stormwater is due to the movement of water in that area. This draining system is implemented outside the house like garages. The water which comes to settle here will move ferociously. It might bring any kind of matter in tissue path which will get blocked somewhere in the middle of the path.

To prevent this kind of block timely check should be done. A vent with a proper filter will prevent the leaves and other things which will cause the block if we let it move inside the drainage system. Checking the downpipes once in a month will prevent the cause of blocks.

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  1. Soil Drains Block

Subsoil drains are one of the advanced methods of water draining system. As discussed above the blocked drains will cause a severe effect and it will affect our day to day activities. This entire system will be done by paving the flow of pipe within the ground.

The block in this system will occur only due to the sand and other impurities which got settled in the middle of the pipe. This will create a block and it affects the entire flow of the water. This can be done by proper maintenance.

Sometimes the pipes placed within the soil should be stronger enough to withstand the pressure inside the ground. If the pipe gets broken, then the entire drainage system will suffer, and it will be harder to get replaced.

  1. Sewers

Sewers are mainly built to move all the wastes to move from thee households to an area where the entire contaminated water gets collected and redirected. This system is built under the building. The blocks in the sewer will be caused mainly due to the wastes from the kitchen sink.

The entire flow of wastes will meet in a certain position and it will be redirected to the main sewage line. The block will generally occur in that meeting point which will block the entire system.

This can be prevented by removing the wastes from the sewage pipes regularly. The wastes can be removed by pouring hot waters and chemicals like acid into the sink, bathtub which will clear the blocks that had been created inside the pipe.

Taking care of the entire sewage and drainage system regularly will help us to prevent the formation of blocked drains. The blocked drains can be cleared in multiple ways by plumbing methods but the precaution before forming any kind of block will be the better option to have a clean sewage and drainage system.

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