Featured of Ways You Can Upgrade Your Door

Ways You Can Upgrade Your Door

They say first impressions last and the front door is the entryway to a home. Guests see it first from the moment they arrive to visit and so do neighbors when they drive past. Oftentimes, the home says a lot about the owner because of their part in the decision when it comes to the design, style, and color.

Ways You Can Upgrade Your Door

Ways You Can Upgrade Your Door

Ways You Can Upgrade Your Door

However, it’s not all about aesthetics. The front door should also be able to do its purpose of being able to protect the home and its inhabitants from possible bad elements such as wind, rain, and sun. When you look at your door, ask yourself if you are content with the way it is now or if you want to improve it. If your thoughts lean to the latter, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some ways you can upgrade your front door:

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing livens up a place more than a fresh coat of paint, and when it is applied to the door and house exteriors the change can be pretty dramatic. It is an inexpensive way to transform how space looks and it can be achieved in a short amount of time and if you’re a little daring, you can try to DIY it but make sure to get some tips and tricks from those who’ve successfully done it.

Fortify Door Frames

The frames are the ones responsible for keeping the door upright and they’re required to be sturdy and strong. They may easily get destroyed when they’re rotted and/or old thus making it easier for the elements to break it down even more. Make it a habit to check the door frames regularly for termite infestation and if they have been infested, replace them right away. All exterior door hinges including the one in front should all be on the inside as well.

Bling it Up

If you have outdated handle and locks, try getting a new set for an easy upgrade. Find the “less intrusive” ones, where you don’t have to drill additional holes to install your new handle, locks. and overall exteriors. It’s also a perfect time to replace the locking mechanisms including the lock set strike plate and deadbolt with a new one. Doing this will ensure door security and prevent potential home burglary.

While having a new door bling will not entirely protect it from thieves, you can outdo them by testing how secure your door locks are. One way to find out them is by using some several lockpicking tools. Adding more security features such as improving the lighting, regularly picking up all the newspaper and mail, having a dog in the house, a car in the driveway, and even adding visible CCTV cameras are also enough to discourage would-be burglars.

If you have extra funds or if you’re going the extra mile of increasing house security, try looking into smart lock doors. Smart locks mainly use three types including key fobs, keypads, and remote access— rendering the use of key locks unnecessary. Investing in this smart tech will help eliminate worry and you and your family can rest easier knowing that everyone inside the home is tucked in safely. Furthermore, the hassle of carrying keys and stressing out are now worries of the past.

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Install Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarms installed on the front door works just like car alarms – it goes off when unauthorized individuals try to enter it. It will be loud and will catch the attention of people nearby and will, therefore, alert neighbors who will call the authorities. A burglar alarm can be a necessary hardware for your home especially if you live alone or when you are on vacation. It is one of the best ways to safeguard your home on top of home security systems.

Add Decorative Door Moldings

If you already have door moldings, now would be the best time to repaint or replace it. If you don’t have one yet, decorative door moldings will surely brighten up your front door. Decorative panels are quick and easy to install either by gluing and pinning so it is enough that you can do it by yourself. If the cost of wood molding intimidates you, there are PVC trims that look like wood and it cost less.

Add Greens

Make the entryway to your home warm and inviting by adding plants to liven up space. Potted plants add freshness and beauty to anything and it is a simple way of decorating the front door entrance. Take advantage of this by displaying numerous colorful plants and flowers in different shapes and sizes to add variety and splash of colors. You can also use plants to add symmetry by having two identical potted greens on either side of the front door or arrange multiple plants in a row for a clean look.

Keep it Clean Always

There’s nothing more attractive than a well-kept house that is always kept clean. Remember that the front door is what gives the first impression among your visitors so it is best to it keep free from dust, dirt, debris, fallen leaves, and spider webs. Sweep it every week and do a routine soap and water scrub every 2 weeks or every month to keep it looking spic and span.


Remember that many things should be considered when upgrading not only the home’s front door but the general exterior as well. Some improvements may cost a lot of money, effort, and time, but it is best to be safe than sorry. If you need to install a new door, hire a professional. There are some things not worth DIY-ing for and that includes your front door.

Hiring a professional ensures that your door works as it should, the locking mechanisms are in place and can secure your home, and lessen the chances of costly accidental mistakes that every rookie front door installer would make. Do you have any additional ways on how to upgrade the front door? Let us know in the comments section.

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