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What to Do When You Feel Stuck with Your Decor

Social media is a wonderful hotbed of DIY ideas to improve our daily lives.

It’s also a danger to our self-worth if we are constantly trying to live up to everything we see, like when it comes to those perfectly decorated houses.

image - What to Do When You Feel Stuck with Your Decor
What to Do When You Feel Stuck with Your Decor

If Pinterest and Instagram pictures are influencing your idea of what your home should look like, you may feel like you’re falling short.

The right camera lighting and angles and a professional designer behind the scenes make anything look great! You don’t have those perks, but you can still have a room that makes you feel satisfied and content.

No matter how much of a decor rut you think you’re in, it’s possible to get out of it. All you need to do is try this instead-worthy yet straightforward tricks!

1. Start with a Personality Assessment

No, we don’t mean an enneagram test or a personality quiz. You do, however, have to get deeply familiar with your likes and dislikes.

Before you decide the path, you’re going to take to get out of your rut, you need to know what direction you want to go.

You don’t want to start decorating one way because you saw someone else do it, only to realize it’s not your style at all!

First, ask yourself what you want the atmosphere of your home to say.

Do you like walking into a comfy, cosy house? Would you rather each room say cool and collected?

Maybe you prefer the idea of making your home look lived in and welcoming.

When it comes to decor personality types, there are some basic interior design styles to guide you.

Get familiar with these and see which do or don’t match the overall theme you’re aiming for:

  • Traditional styles with neutral colours and patterns that add splashes of colour
  • Modern or contemporary styles with furniture and decor that bring in clean lines and sleek surfaces
  • Eclectic designs like Bohemian styles. These include a variety of colours and patterns that work together to create an atmosphere that feels welcoming but full of energy
  • Minimalistic styles in which the furniture and decor is simple and functional, with clean lines and a “less is more” approach to the room
  • Rustic or farmhouse designs that keep the simple lines but bring in character. Using forms like barn doors, shiplap, and other “country” styles

Once you know your decor personality, you can start bringing items that match it into your home.

2. Stick to the Basics

Doing a home makeover, even one room at a time can seem overwhelming.

Instead of trying to tackle everything in your mind at once, why not start at the beginning?

Clear your mind of the long laundry list of to-do’s and focus on one thing at a time.

Simplify your decor journey by choosing a category first.

Do you want to revamp your closets? Bathroom? Kitchen dishes?

If you’re going to be living there a while anyway, there’s no need to hurry. One thing at a time is just fine, and it’s easier on your sanity.

If your budget determines how deeply into your decor overhaul you can go, pick something you know your wallet can handle.

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3. Consider What’s Driving You Crazy

Usually, when you feel like you’re in a rut, it’s not the entire package. You’re probably pleased with most of your home. But there’s something in the house, or even in one room, that’s causing your dissatisfaction.

If it’s not obvious to you, try to look around each room and put your finger on the thing that’s making you unhappy. It might be a wall that needs refreshing or shabby furniture.

Of course, there might be more than one (or a few) things. Remember, you don’t have to fix them all at the same time!

4. Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, the easiest way to get out of a decor rut is simply to move things around. If your furniture has been in the same old place since you moved in, it’s time to make a change.

Who says your couch has to be up against the wall, or your straight-edged table can’t be angled?

It’s your home, and it can look however you want it to!

If you’re stuck and can’t come up with ideas, you might be able to get some creative juices flowing with a home interior app. These apps usually let you upload a picture of each room in your home into the program.

From there, you can pick and choose the different pieces of furniture and accessories the app has. Make-believe style your room until you fall in love with it!

There are a lot of these to choose from, but some of the most popular include:

The best part about these is there’s no wondering how to find the pieces you use in real life. You can order anything straight from the app itself.

5. Get Inspired

The inspirational and motivational decor is trendy today. Since you already know your decor personality type, you can use this style to bring in a few pieces that inspire you into each room.

One of the most popular ways is to find artwork that makes you feel peaceful, motivated, or energized.

For example, many people follow the “word of the year” train, where you choose one word to focus on to manifest success in that category.

This could be anything meaningful to you, like health, love, strength, etc.

Whatever your word is, or if you have a phrase or image that makes you feel good, bring those ideas into your home.

Use framed prints, decals, throw pillows, or other accessories to give you the random reminder you’re looking for.

It’s not magic, but it can seem like it. Having the little symbols there pull you out of the rut you’re feeling through science.

The image connects to your brain’s neural pathway, telling you that you’re supposed to feel a certain way when you see it.


You might be feeling stuck in a decor rut, but you don’t have to stay there! Try these tips to switch up your home environment as gradually or quickly as you please!

Author Bio:

Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over ten years of experience in the student housing industry and works with Sakara on a daily basis to grow their online presence.

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