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What is a Good Shed Size?

We outgrow our homes in the same way that our children outgrow their beds. You need a backyard shed when your garage and attic are overflowing with bikes, lawn tools, fine china, and your lawnmower.

Garden sheds are one of the most vital features of any backyard since they keep a garden neat and provide functional gardening storage. If you’re considering buying one and aren’t sure what size you’ll need, we’ve got you!

It’s not always easy to decide which size shed you should opt for, with so many things to consider, such as cost, materials, planning permission, and yard space.

Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as other homeowners! To help you out, here’s an easy-to-follow guide and some included information about shed sizes so that you can choose which one is perfect for your needs. Visit this link: https://shedplans.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/10×12-Storage-Shed-Plan-Free.pdf.

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What is a Good Shed Size?

With that, let’s discuss more on what is a good shed size for your needs.

The First is for you to Know What to do With the Shed

To begin, consider how you’ll use the shed and what you’ll keep in it. A tiny shed is ideal for storing garden items such as lawnmowers, rakes, and small gardening tools.

Even if you just have a small amount of room, a bike store is great. Small garden shelters come in a variety of sizes, starting at 4×6.

With larger structures, you’ll be able to set up a workshop for your own business, DIY projects, or hobbies.

Our sheds range in size from 20 x 10, ensuring that you have adequate space for many purposes with a larger garden structure.

Your garden will benefit from a medium-sized shed if you require space to store a BBQ, tools, and small garden equipment. A huge shed is suitable for multi-purpose use.

You may store garden furniture, gardening tools and equipment, and a workbench in a large shed.

Consider the Size and Landscape of your Garden

Your shed size should fit into how big your garden is. You can transform a medium-sized garden into a shed that houses medium-sized furniture and gardening tools and equipment.

A larger shed or workshop is great if you have a larger garden. We have shelters with multiple entrances that are ideal for a large yard and provide maximum accessibility.

If you’re on a budget, our cheap garden buildings come in various designs to fit your garden size.

If you have a little garden or patio area to spare, a tiny metal shed in the sizes 4×6 or 10×8 will provide functional storage space for your garden.

Also, consider the landscape of your garden. You don’t want to put your shed in an area where it will look odd.

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Knowing your Budget is Also Crucial

The price is one of the essential considerations for homeowners when purchasing a new shed. If you’re trying to stay within a budget, a smaller shed will suffice! A bigger shed will undoubtedly come at a much higher cost.

However, if you really want to go all out, choose the most oversized shed. I recommend the medium size shed for your average shed size. Medium-sized sheds are sold at mid-range prices and are the typical go-to for homeowners.

Saving Spaces Using the Correct Design

Consider both the style and the size of the shed you’re buying. Pent or lean-to sheds are designed to be placed on the side of a house, eliminating the need to sacrifice garden space.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much space in your garden. You can always find a shed to suit your landscape with the variety of shed models available.

Corner sheds are ideal for tiny gardens. This corner form utilizes the area you do have by fitting it nicely into the overall look of a garden.

Standard Sizing

You can choose whatever storage shed size you wish. Here are a few of the standard shed sizes that you might be interested in.


If your garage has become overrun with gardening tools or light yard work equipment, this is the size for you. All you need is a 10″ x12″ or 8″ x12″ shed so you can declutter the mower, lawn supplies, tools, and flower pots quickly and easily.


This shed is one of the most popular among homeowners because of its best size. You don’t want to pay for a gigantic shed that you won’t use, but you also don’t want to end up with a small shed that you’ll outgrow.

You can go for 10×16 or 8×16. The perfect size because it’s neither too big nor too small. Medium-sized sheds are large enough to fit a riding mower and larger yard tools.

These tools are must-have items for all seasons, so you might want to get a shed for storage.


This shed is pretty massive. For large footprints, you can go for shed size 12″ x24 or 12×20. This space, which is nearly the size of a garage, can house about anything you need, including multiple sets of riding mowers, tools and equipment, yard games, bicycles, and much more.

The disadvantage is that it may take up more space than you anticipated. As a result, the size of your backyard is crucial. Even if you wanted a bigger shed, what good would it be if it took up virtually the entire backyard?

Allow roughly 25% more space than you require for accessing your goods and adding more in the future.

You’ll probably need wall space if you want to store garden tools. Some shed manufacturers sell expansion kits that you can add to a shed to increase its storage capacity.

The shed can also be used as a play area for the children. A shed of modest size would be ideal. If you need it for storage, you must first determine how much you need to store.

The range of possibilities is broad, but finding the ideal size will be easier if you’re clear on the purpose you want the shed to serve.

It’s worth noting that length and width aren’t the only factors to consider when determining size; height is another. Take into account all three parameters, as well as the goal.