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What You Need to Know About Roof Estimates

Planning to hire a roofer to repair or construct your roof? If so, getting an estimate is what you need to initially request.

There are some who are not as confident about asking it as they are not aware that they have the right to do so.

image - What You Need to Know About Roof Estimates
What You Need to Know About Roof Estimates

What to Expect from A Roof Estimate?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting a roof estimate:

The Prices Written on It May Change

There are many contributing factors to why roof estimates may change like there is an unexpected issue they found while renovating or constructing your roof.

This is just an estimate and changes may occur while they are in the process of doing the project.

It is best if you ask the contractor of how far the estimate would change, so at least you know how much more do you need to prepare.

A Written Estimate Is Not a Binding Contract

This written estimate is not a binding contract and should not force you to hire their service. All roofing companies provide roof estimates and hiring them is not your obligation.

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What to See on The Written Roof Estimate?

Now that you know what to expect from a roof estimate, the next thing you need to know is what to expect on it.

What are the things you could possibly see on the roofing estimate you will get from a roofing contractor? Read below:

Breakdown of Costs

On the roofing estimate, you can see the breakdown of costs, from the prices of the materials they will use to their professional fees.

Since everything is the breakdown for you, you will have the chance to check on which of the materials you can compromise to lose so the price of the project goes down.


The timeline is also information to expect from the written roof estimate. You could check on the report, the timetable and the expected progress of the roofing project.

With this, you are aware of what to expect to be done on a particular date, the schedule of payments, and as well as when is the estimated time the project is completed.

Why Do You Need A Written Roof Estimate?

Even if you hire the best roofing company like mk roofing and construction of middlefield oh, asking for a written roof estimate is still recommended.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a roof estimate:

To Prepare You for Expenses

Since roof projects can be a bit expensive, the written roof estimate you will get can somehow give you the chance to prepare for it.

The estimated amount you need to prepare to complete your roof project is indicated on it, hence you know as to whether you can afford it already or you need some time to let the project start.

You have to confirm to the contractor though if there is a drastic change of price you may expect as the project progresses. It is just an estimate, so expect changes to occur while the roof project is being completed.

To Give Chance to Compare Rates

Collect written estimates from different roofing companies, and see which among them offers the best rate.

But of course, when comparing, you must not look just at the sum, you have to check one by one the inclusions of their service and as well as the materials they will use.

To Negotiate

The written estimate can be used to negotiate with the contractor. Can you use other materials other than the expensive brand written on the estimate? Can you negotiate for their labor cost and so on.