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What On Earth is That Humming Sound?

So, you have a week off work and have been making the most of your garden. But, one day, you go out and hear a humming sound.

What could it be? Unfortunately, the answer could be that you have a wasp nest somewhere nearby.

image - What On Earth is That Humming Sound?
What On Earth is That Humming Sound?

Not really the news you were hoping to hear, right? Don’t worry! Thousands of homeowners find wasp nests in their gardens each year – it is just one of the things.

However, having a ton of wasps around your home is not something you want (especially if you have young children). Here is what you should avoid doing at all costs.

Set Fire to the Nest

Yes. Setting fire to a nest will certainly do some damage. But please, please, please do not do this.

We know it might be tempting as an instant wasp removal solution, but this is a seriously bad idea.

Wasp nests are made from wood pulp that is chewed up by wasps making the nests extremely flammable.

But, even if the nest goes up in seconds, it is impossible to kill all of the pests. During these seconds, wasps will fill the air, they will be angry and will be looking for someone to attack.

More often than not, this will be the person who just struck the match.

Drown The Nest with Water

Don’t believe what you read on a lot of other websites. Using water in an attempt to destroy a nest is a very bad idea.

Yes, we totally agree that if you use a pressure washer, you can destroy a wasps nest. But you won’t eradicate the wasps.

Instead, you will have lots of angry insects that will be ready to defend themselves.

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Give It a Whack

Of all things we discuss in this article, just don’t even think about this one. This move is considered so stupid that it is even included in TV programs and films.

A wasps nest is extremely dangerous and should never be treated like a punching bag. This approach might destroy the nest if you manage to get a powerful hit, but you won’t be afforded with a second chance.

It will also leave the vast majority of the wasps alive and ready to attack. So, you best have your running shoes on…

Block Up the Entrance

Wasps are one of the most intelligent insects out there. So, it is all well and good to block up the entrance to their nest.

But they will only create a new entry point by chewing through the walls. If you have a nest in your home, this could result in the wasps chewing through your walls and causing structural damage.

When It Is Time to Call in The Professionals

When it comes to a wasps nest, we would always recommend getting it professionally removed. But here are a few reasons why picking up the phone should be your priority…

If Someone is Allergic

If you or someone else in your house is allergic to wasp stings, then you need to contact a pest control company as soon as possible.

An allergic reaction to wasp sting can kill within a short space of hours, so don’t run the risk. Pick up the phone.

If The Nest Is Attached to Your House

Wasps are extremely territorial, so when your home becomes theirs, they will defend it at all costs.

This does mean that you are at a high risk of getting stung. Sounds bad enough, but the longer the wasps stay, the more destructive they can become in terms of your property’s structure.

It is Affecting Your Day-to-Day Life

If wasps are affecting everything that you do, then you need to call a pest control company. They are not going to go away unless the nest is treated.

Infestations are very common, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

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