Ah, the bathroom. It is a necessity for everyone and a sanctuary to many. It is a place where one can relieve oneself in a way that would be socially unacceptable in any other room in the house.

It is a place where you feel safe being naked, and where you go to get clean. It is the first place you go in the morning and the last place you go at night.

image - What Is the Typical Workflow for A Bathroom Renovation?

What Is the Typical Workflow for A Bathroom Renovation?

It is important to have a clean comfortable well-functioning bathroom in your home if you want to have a well-functioning life.

Every so often, a bathroom needs a renovation. It is always a good idea to leave bath remodeling to a professional contractor. It may be helpful for you to know the basic steps remodeling a bathroom will involve.

Figuring Out a Design

Before you hire a contractor, you will want to decide what the design of your bathroom will be. Are you happy with the basic layout of the room now, or do you want to change the position of the bathtub and the sink? Do you need a new shower, or do you just want to remodel the old one? Do you want to replace the entire toilet or just the toilet seat cover?

You will need to decide on a budget, and select the appliances that you want. When selecting your new appliances, you should take not only cost but quality, into consideration.

For instance, most people select fiberglass showers because they are relatively inexpensive, durable, and require little maintenance. If you are planning to live in the home after you remodel your bathroom, this may be the best option.

You should also take storage spaces under advisement when designing your bathroom. Think about where the toiletries and towels will go. Decide where you will put on your makeup in the morning and where a hairdryer will go.

Once you have decided on new appliances, you will be ready to hire a contractor. Be sure to hire one who is in good standing with your state licensing board, and who can provide you with plenty of references.

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The Contractor Will Inspect the Space

Before a contractor begins work, they will inspect your bathroom. They will look to see where your utility hookups and pipes are and make sure that they will be able to install the appliances you want.

They should be able to tell you the cost of their labor at this time.

Removal of Old Fixtures

The contractors will begin their work by gutting your old bathroom of all of its old appliances and fixtures. The first appliance they will remove is the toilet.

They will then remove the bathtub, and sink. The last thing they will take out will be vanities and shelves.

Putting in Your New Appliances

If a contractor is remodeling the entire bathroom, the first thing they will always replace is the shower.

When the shower is done,  they will replace the sink. They will retile the bathroom floor and hang your new drywall and paint over it. The last thing they will do is install any new cabinets and the toilet.

As you can imagine, a lot goes into a bathroom makeover. It can take around 23 days to remodel the average bathroom.  If you live in a home with only one full bathroom, you will have to find other accommodations for about a month.

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your home. remodeling may be expensive, time-consuming, and messy, but it will be worth it in the long run.